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Daily Archives: December 8, 2019

Happy Xmas, Trump digs lumps of coal

The nativity scene at Claremont United Methodist church. HT Rev. Karen Clark Ristine. — Matt Rindge (@mattrindge) December 8, 2019 Failing to win the “war on Thanksgiving” we’re all just smoking coal or is it “smocking” coal as Trump repeats a spelling error.  Solar


Here’s How You Can Make A Big Difference

Archives In solidarity,  Debra Schrishuhn for Alan, Mike F, Janis, Mike H, Donna, Dan, Dr Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team Support PDA’s Win 2020 Action FundClick to Make Monthly Gifts for Victories   2019 may be drawing to a close, but Progressive Democrats

Rudy to Testify? Really? [Updated]

All Washington is astonished that Trump, about to be impeached for putting the arm on Ukraine, sent his personal shyster back to Kyiv to do it some more. But remember that Trump thinks there’s nothing wrong with doing that, because he just knows Joe Biden


Weekly Recap: How You Can Mobilize For Progress

Archives In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F., Deb, Janis, Kimberly, Bryan, Dr. Bill, Donna, and Dan—Your PDA National Team Click Here to Demand Student Debt Cancellation!   This past week, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) mobilized with thousands of Climate Strikers at hundreds