The Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee and the House Judiciary Committee are tantamount to charwomen.  Throughout the history of the United States, we have mopped the muddied floors of injustice with waters we have tried to cleanse with lackluster moral purity. The floors of America have had plenty of messes that needed scouring; slavery, genocide, misogyny, war crimes, and murder. Moral men have tried, sometimes unsuccessfully, to clean the mud stains of history; Emancipation, broken treaties, Reconstruction, women’s suffrage, and the withdrawal from illegal foreign wars, specifically Vietnam.  

Now we have a President dragging his rusted-out bucket of dirty water splashing it all over the American landscape.  Four esteemed Professors have testified before the House Judiciary Committee, chaired by Jerrold Nadler, all but one Professor Jonathan Turley unequivocally affirmed the President has committed impeachable offenses.  Turley has demonstrated every biased and stereotypical reason to dislike lawyers. When Ukraine President Zelensky asked for weaponry to defend his country against further Russian incursion, Mr. Trump’s response was, “I would like you to do us a favor though

Imagine having your home robbed and your neighbor is witness to the crime and you ask that he make a call to send the police.  He says sure but do me a favor though, my neighbor is running for head of the neighborhood watch and I want the job. So, I need you to tell my friends his son is a thief and his father is involved. That is a straight forward scenario one even the esteemed Professor would admit is wrong and illegal.  

Professors, Pamela Karlan,  Michael Gerhardt, and Noah Feldman all agreed that this is a clear cut case of bribery and obstruction of Congress. Professor Turley steadfastly stuck to his position that because the President was not caught in the act then you cannot impeach him. That neighbor who wants to be head of the neighborhood watch is probably not going to announce his illegal intentions to the other neighbors. In a judge’s jury instructions, the participants are told that their common sense carries as much weight as the evidence.  An example of this is if you go to bed with your lawn dry and the streets clear and you awaken to a foot of snow up to your front door, although you were not awake to see it, logically you can deduce it snowed.  Mr. Turley would have you believe that because you did not see it snowing you can weigh the thought of it being trucked in and dumped on your street.

Of course, the whole scenario is as ridiculous as his argument but that is the lifeline the President will cling to with his last broken fingernail. In the words of Professor Gerhardt, “if what we’re talking about is not impeachable, then nothing is.”  So here we are at another moment in history when mud is being slung across the kitchen floor of America.  Republicans have burned their deplorable baskets and are refusing to change the filthy bucket water and are allowing Mr. Trump to wring dry the putrid moisture of his vile and un-American behavior.    

Vote in 2020 for Change.