Donald Trump Jr. is encouraging conservatives to pick fights with their families on Thanksgiving

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I haven’t read Donald Trump Jr.’s new book, Daddy, Look at Me!, but I imagine it’s loaded with a Trumpload of sophistry, casuistry, and garden-variety fucknuttery.

Of course, I’m not the target demographic. The target demographic is the Republican National Committee, which bought $94,800 worth of the books, presumably to give it a nudge to the top of the New York Times best-seller list. I assume they’ll hand the books out to Trump supporters, who will drowsily page through them until the pages drown in nap drool — before ultimately filling three-quarters of a Goodwill bargain bin near you.

So you can see his dilemma. He wants this book to stay on the best-seller list, but even he surely understands his fans aren’t voracious readers. So what to do? Oh, I know! Spread the word by encouraging rancor and turmoil on this national day of gratitude and togetherness! There’s your solution!



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Okay, very funny, Jr. Of course, the irony here is thick, given that his father is essentially a hunk of unexploded ordnance languidly floating in Kroger jellied cranberry sauce.

But, sure. Go ahead and “trigger” a liberal. You’ll likely get a photo of someone calmly explaining separation of powers to a Keystone Light-besotted oaf who doesn’t understand the Constitution. Maybe you can Photoshop it.

Should be fun. 

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