Dick's crossed the NRA. Now Dick's has to deal with… its best sales quarter in years

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Last year, the Parkland students took on the National Rifle Association (NRA). All of the adults in the proverbial room told them that it was futile because the NRA was just too powerful with its legion of followers. The kids didn’t know any better and took them head on, even when everyone was trying to give them the prerequisite thoughts and prayers.

The student survivors of the massacre found themselves being viciously attacked by the right, but they held marches and rallies across the nation regardless, and intensely targeted the campaigns of cowardly legislators. Their efforts paid off. They got gun safety legislation passed in several states, and then shamed virtually every one of the NRA’s sponsors. The kids showed what many of us have known for years: the NRA is a paper tiger.

After the Parkland shooting, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods, Ed Stack, promised the kids to stop selling all assault rifles and high-capacity magazines. (There is no reason for anyone outside the military to have these.) But he went further. He worked with Everytown for Gun Safety, he signed a letter endorsing gun safety legislation, hired lobbyists to push Congressional action, and even destroyed $5 million worth of unsold assault rifles. He made it clear that he was standing with the students against the NRA.

The fair and balanced media tried to do what they always do and warned everyone that Dicks’ awoke a sleeping giant. Oh no, the NRA is going to boycott!! Those always work! The NRA promised that they would ensure that Dick’s sales would plummet. Sure enough, the NRA geniuses were out in force with dozens of YouTube videos blowing up $300/$1000 Yeti coolers—that they had already paid for—to, you know, “own” the libs.