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Daily Archives: November 26, 2019

Conan the gendered discourse grammarian

Fortunately Conan doesn’t have to chose their bathroom. As a hero dog, Conan should be able to choose his own pronouns. — Robert DePree (@rightly) November 26, 2019 Just in: #Conan, the hero dog from the al-Baghdadi raid, is in fact a GIRL, a US


Who held the funds? New deposition documents

Revisionist policy in new docs tell us about the OMB paper trail in Arms for Dirt. Trump still held up military aid authorized by Congress to solicit investigations By Ukraine into Bidens. It’s still Bribery. NEW: The House Intel Cmte. has just released the depositions of

Top Pentagon Brass Discussing Resignation

Politico is reporting that Trump's strain with Pentagon inspires talk of more departures: Even before Navy Secretary Richard Spencer’s forced ouster this weekend, a handful of the Pentagon's highest-ranking officials have been debating just when they would feel compelled to resign over what they see


for Trump's still unbuilt wall, he went to Jared

The flailing Trump presidency continues on its inept trajectory. Jared will be blamed when the wall is not built. President Trump has put his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, in charge of overseeing the construction of the border wall, The Washington Post reported Monday. Current and former administration officials told the

welcome Mayor Mike, let a hundred flowers bloom(berg)

The primary is hard to forecast right now but it seems a bit ridiculous that PredictIt bettors think that Bloomberg is almost as likely to win the Democratic nomination as Bernie Sanders. — Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) November 26, 2019 I could vote for Mike


Trump won't pardon Erdoğan, even if he pardons Turkey

Tuesday at the WH is turkey pardon day. It's between "Bread" & "Butter," two rotund gobblers, spending their last night at a luxury DC hotel (not Trump's). Then, @POTUS heads to Florida for a "homecoming rally" marking his changing his official state of residence from