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Daily Archives: November 25, 2019

Modern Day Vigilantes: Stop And ‘Risk’

The evolution of change is usually the result of slow transformation; the wheel led to wagons; the wagons led to cars, cars led to rockets and rockets led to video games.  The announcement of Michael Bloomberg into the race for the Democratic nomination for President

Here we go again: Campaign press ignoring Democratic policy

There's been a complete transformation in how the campaign press covers elections in the last decade, and it's a defining change that's benefiting Republicans, and specifically Donald Trump. The change is in the way the press has dramatically curtailed its coverage of policy and of


The Daily Bucket–Eagle Eyes

I walk from my house to Bethany Lake, west of Portland Oregon, on many days.   The Lake is adjacent to a wide utility easement, a golf course, a park, and farmland, so there is considerable open water, undeveloped area, and large trees. All that space,


Trump plays the trade war like it's 1812

Trump is losing his trade war and what’s worse is that he’s clueless about the reason for the losing. The prevailing truth is that stupidity has given way to irrationality. “The truth, however, is that there has seldom been clearer proof that Trump is in