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Daily Archives: November 20, 2019

So, Denial is Really a River in Ukraine?

In June of 2008, Barack Obama used a rhetorical flourish that belies his character; “If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun,” said the future President. At the time, the then-candidate was on a fundraising junket that I attended (full disclosure)

Sondland and the Fifth: he's already waived it

It is less likely that Gordon Sondland will plead the Fifth but might seek immunity as he faces perjury, among other things. “Mob boss blaming underling”. ICYMI: Can Gordon Sondland invoke the Fifth Amendment? #MTPDaily @BarbMcQuade: "He's likely already waived that privilege. … If you


#KremlinAnnex week 71 protest Tuesday

x Everyone loves the “Subpoena” song at the #KremlinAnnex protest. Happy singing and whistling to you, #resisters! ✌️😍 — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) November 17, 2019 x Have you read about our team yet? ✌️🇺🇸 Kremlin Annex: Five women have been protesting outside the White