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Daily Archives: November 19, 2019


Trump makes TV appearance, remains unhappy with fact witnesses

Fortunately, the key points got into the record and the GOP members of the Intel committee recycled the same points including multiple attempts to out the whistleblower. x Devin Nunes has two eyewitnesses to the Ukraine call testifying publicly right in front of him, but

Senator Ron Johnson tries to do CYA for Individual-1

The oddest disinformation so far has been a series of Ron Johnson media appearances that attempt to discredit Alexander Vindman. Johnson said Vindman might be among those bureaucrats who leak to the press "sabotage his policies and, if possible, remove him from office." —


tin crow: No neurological evaluations for Trump at Walter Reed

“Mini-Strokes” speculation early in the evening on CNN compels a WH statement at 10pm ET. x Wow, Obama's former doctor is telling @ErinBurnett that Trump is having major neurological problems, especially with “word-finding,” and suggests he could be having small strokes.— Joan Walsh (@joanwalsh) November


Comeuppance for Our Dire Enemy

Most democrats were overjoyed last week when John Bel Edwards, Democrat, defeated Eddie Rispone  for re-election to Louisiana’s governorship. Edwards is very conservative, a steady governor, and a hard campaigner.  Most folks know that Trump held rallies for Rispone, Edwards’ opponent.  Rispone’s loss is Trump’s