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Daily Archives: November 17, 2019

Make Trump's impeachment the sideshow

Many activists are engulfed in the impeachment hearings. They want Trump impeached and gone. But I got a sober reminder recently that highlighted our reality. Every year I participate in the Annual Human Library, a project of the Civic Engagement Committee at Lonestar College-North Harris County. Many students


Arms for Dirt: were the Amigos and Shreks only stooges

Greg Sargent at WaPo writes about the potential for a GOP frame that makes Gordon Sondland the mastermind of the Arms for Dirt plot, rather than Trump. And what deal will Rudy try to make, considering the looming SDNY criminal investigation. Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to

Trump and his “chest discomfort” go to Walter Reed

Disinformation persists because of the sudden, unscheduled nature of the Saturday visit, as well as some obvious lying about it because if it were an actual “free weekend” Trump would be at the golf course. OTOH there were plenty of scatological quips in Twitter. A


Saturday #KremlinAnnex protest week 70

x Wow! What a week of historic events in America! We’re inspired by the public servants testifying in Congress this week and shining light for all of us, giving us hope that truth will prevail! #KremlinAnnex is 16 months today! 🎉 See y’all at 7:30