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Daily Archives: November 12, 2019

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Bloomberg sabotaging Biden? Now I am really confused.

I am not a Biden fan by any stretch of the imagination. He falls ahead of Tulsi Gabbard in terms of who I would vote for in a primary, but that’s about it. But I can’t help feel sorry for the guy. It feels like

Memo to media: Don't screw up the impeachment hearings

Four months after the Beltway press badly failed in its coverage of special counsel Robert Mueller's congressional testimony on the Russia scandal, the D.C. press corps has a chance at redemption this week with the first public impeachment hearings of Donald Trump. Hopefully, newsrooms will be up

MoveOn: Terrifying New Poll

We’re in trouble, and it’s time to wake up. In our most recent survey, 57.2% of MoveOn members said that they believe that Donald Trump will be defeated in 2020. But new polling tells a very different story that should send chills down our spines. According

A Secret Senate Vote on Impeachment?

Juleanna Glover offers a surprising scenario in Politico Magazine: There’s a Surprisingly Plausible Path to Removing Trump From Office. (She was an adviser to George W. Bush, among other Republicans.) She argues that there’s nothing in the Senate rules that prevents it from requiring a

Registration Changes May Imperil More California Republicans… California Secretary of State has published registration figures that show state voters are registering as Republicans at lower and lower rates. Since January 2016, registered Republicans have dropped by four points while Democratic registration has increased by one percent. Total registration is up sharply.