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Daily Archives: November 11, 2019


Bribery/Extortion facts keep coming in as Witness-Day approaches

A desperate Trump imagines himself in numerous ironies in advance of must-see TV. x But you didn't. You didn't sign the Whistleblower Protection Act. The law in its present form was signed by President Clinton in 1998. You are a liar and an idiot @realDonaldTrump,

Laura Cooper Deposition Transcript Available

Recall that this was the day the GOP stormed the SCIF. This fact-witness nails down the issues holding up military aid and the elements of the narrative that is not simply about one conversation but a parallel, insurgent process to abet bribery and extortion. Laura Cooper's

Will Lev Parnas Throw Himself on the Giuliani Hand Grenade

Will Arms-for-Dirt-gate signal the death of political selfies. In a week of public testimony, more details emerge in the continuing backstory for the Trumpeachment. The latest counter-propaganda is a Nikki Haley interview trying to make John Kelly and Rex Tillerson into honorary “amigos”. Lev Parnas says

Rock Around the Clock

Former South Carolina Governor and the United States Ambassador to the UN for Donald Trump, Nikki Haley, kicked off her book tour yesterday. Haley tossed former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and ex-Chief of Staff John Kelly in the pit like a fat South Carolina


The Daily Bucket–The Daily Eagle.

I often walk around Bethany Lake, 10 miles west of Portland Oregon.  Swollen creeks pour into it from two directions, after the rains start.  The Park Dept.  stocks the lake with rainbow trout.  Ducks are always there, and at least one goose. I am heartbroken because I

14 Term NY 2nd District Congressman Peter King Joins in the R-Exodus.

14 term Republican Congressperson Peter King, once Chairman of the powerful Homeland Security Committee in Congress, of NY’s 2nd District (Long Island) and currently sits on The Select Committee on Intelligence, joins more than two dozen other Republicans in Congress this year in diving for