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Daily Archives: October 30, 2019

Should We Make a Mountain out of a Katie Hill?

Former Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA.) resigned from Congress so abruptly, that her controversy is simmering and not raging. Two things undergird her anger and the public questions surrounding the MeToo movement, equity, and dare I say, “process.”  Lots of talks have been deployed about the

drumpf Belatedly Trying to Court the Doggo Demo.

After years of using derogatory language towards dogs, applying that language to people he doesn’t like and also being the first president since McKinley not to have one livening up the White House, drumpf is now courting the woozle vote: weird thing about this is

CNN's Sean Duffy problem is only going to get worse

How do you solve a problem like Sean Duffy? The former Republican congressman, who was hired by CNN to blindly defend Donald Trump while the impeachment process unfolds, is creating problems for the network by constantly fabricating facts and spreading reckless and dangerous conspiracy theories. And yes,