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Daily Archives: October 28, 2019

Big Daddy v. Baghdadi

Unlike the President, I am big enough to say congratulations.  Mr. Trump, thank you for being in office when one of the most hideous men in history was taken out by American forces. Thank you to the Kurds, who provided the intelligence, the fortitude and

Someone Should Tell drumpf There's No Crying In Baseball, # LockHimUp

#WorldSeries Listen to the crowd chant #LockHimUp — Luna Luvgood ✨💥✨(FANGIRL) (@LunaLuvgood2020) October 28, 2019 "Lock him up!" chants break out at Nationals Park, as President Trump attends the World Series on Sunday night – @albamonica — NBC News (@NBCNews) October 28, 2019