What's behind these attempts to normalize those who carried out America's concentration camps?

We all bore witness to the sheer horror of seeing families at the border ripped apart, and parentless children sleeping en masse on cold jail floors. Trump’s advocates literally argued detained children weren’t entitled to having much of anything in jail, including soap or toothbrushes

More than half of the taken children under the age of five still haven’t been reunited with their parents. The conditions at the detention facilities are so poor that elected officials were kept out, multiple children have allegedly been sexually assaulted, and six died in custody in just the past year. Trump is still trying to end limits on how long children can be detained.

This imposed terror on migrant children was the sadistic brainchild of white supremacist Stephen Miller, who is still on the payroll. Although Trump and Miller share the majority of the blame, it couldn’t have happened if Trump’s cabinet stood up to him. They didn’t.

Oh. They are all singing a different tune now that they are out of power. Once they were forced out, they have been shunned by Trump’s people, while everyone else sees them as pariahs. Now that the walls are crumbling down around Trump, they are eager to speak out against him. Thanks, very brave of you.

The New York Times extolled John Kelly for opposing Trump policies—after he left his post. Kelly is on a bit of a rehabilitation tour. At Duke University, he said Trump’s family-separation policy “came as a surprise.” He was shocked. He was horrified. Except for the fact that before it happened, he did this.


John Kelly is again making headlines, saying he told the president not to hire a “yes” man to replace him. For once, I agree with Trump that he lied. I base that on the fact that he has never even hinted at standing up to him. 

As for the child-caging? Kelly did way worse than just justify it, which he did by saying that the children “will be put in foster care, or whatever.” He actually praised the detention centers, and now, he now reportedly profits off of them.