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Daily Archives: October 25, 2019

I'm a Traveling Man

I am in the wrong business—I should have become a lawyer.  The top attorney for the United States of America not only gets a parking pass in one of the most exclusive lots in Washington, D.C., but he also got a taxpayer-paid tour of western

Could Rudy Giuliani be indicted?

The evidence against Rudy Giuliani continues to mount. If he was a regular citizen I think he would already be indicted. MSNBC Oct 25th 2019 – Former U.S. attorney Barbara McQuade, Center for American Progress Action Fund’s Juanita Tolliver, Wash Post’s Aaron Blake, Vox’s Shermichael

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One More Year Of This Stuff (OMYOTS) … some wacky items today

A distortion that probably didn’t need publicity because the sample is flawed. “The survey from Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday found that 47 percent of registered voters polled said the Democratic Party has moved “too far left;” however, most of those voters identified as Republicans.”