I haven’t written a full story here on DailyKos in a while, and that’s because I’ve been busy writing an eBook under my full legal name, Aaron Apollo Camp. I can now say that my eBook has been published, and it’s an amazing accomplishment to write a book and have it published!

My first eBook is a sports fiction novella titled Lady in the Fast Lane, and the eBook is the first in what will be a multi-book series titled The Chronicles of Vazkelt. The book is about a lesbian farmer and wartime factory worker, Karen Yellowdragon, who seeks to compete in high-profile automobile races and whose journey takes her from remote Vazkelt, an island area off the coast of the supercontinent of Lahyrnt, to the Lahyrntian supercontinent and back.

Lady in the Fast Lane is now available for purchase ($2.99 for U.S. customers) in eBook format only on Amazon Kindle, Apple Books, and Rakuten Kobo! You can also view a text blurb and listen to an audio blurb, although the eBook is not available in audiobook format.