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Daily Archives: October 12, 2019


#KremlinAnnex week 65 Saturday protest

x Saturday night protest at the #KremlinAnnex. 305 protests65 consecutive weeks 15 months standing against the corrupt Putin’s puppet occupying our WH! #resist — Kremlin Annex (@KremlinAnnex) October 13, 2019 x Or #kremlinAnnex tonight! — Impeach45 🍑 (@DonaDickinson) October 12, 2019 x

James Comey Would Like to Help

James Comey slumps strategically in restaurants — all 6-foot-8 of him, drooping faux-furtively with his back to the room — and daydreams about deleting the civic-minded Twitter feed where a bipartisan coalition pronounces him a national disgrace. He sleeps soundly — nine hours a night,

Unpacking Blood Quantum

Very important discussion… “Blood quantum for is subtractive… One drop rule is expansive…all to advance and continually uphold white supremacy…” The sins and conjuring up of a fictional racist construct needs to be continually illuminated in order to really understand what we are up against

Report: Trump to accelerate his anti-choice push

Late-term abortions are extremely rare and are never used for frivolous reasons. They’re often necessary to save the life of the mother or end a nonviable and/or dangerous pregnancy. This is only common sense, but if you listen to the propaganda of anti-choicers you might think that

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Aly Chiman

Hello there, My name is Aly and I would like to know if you would have any interest to have your website here at promoted as a resource on our blog ? We are updating our do-follow broken link resources to include current

Fact-checking Democrats in the age of chronic Trump lies

At the outset of his presidency, several major news outlets eagerly and proudly announced that they were going to fact-check Donald Trump's every utterance and document all the misinformation he was spreading. To their credit, news organizations set aside considerable resources to dutifully unpack Trump's

How Trump's phony Mexico trade deal duped the press

Donald Trump lies about everything. So why do newsrooms still assume he's telling the truth, especially when he unveils grand initiatives? On Friday, Trump claimed he had reached a landmark last-minute immigration deal with Mexico, which meant he no longer had to impose the tariffs

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A Maher-ed Message

Sometimes when your media heroes let you down it is hard to process. I had such an occurrence last Friday night. I am a huge fan of the tv series Real Time with Bill Maher. I love his eclectic view of life, he is smart,

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The Trump Shuffle

On June 12, 2016, three short years ago, 49 Americans [mostly members of the LGBTQ+ community] were slaughtered by a coward at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida. President Trump, who described himself as a champion for gay rights, “I’m much better for the