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Daily Archives: October 11, 2019

Rudy, meet bus

Okay, so Rudy Giuliani’s life is finally collapsing faster than his shrunken apple head, and suddenly Donald John Trump isn’t so sure about him. Rudy is balls deep in the Ukraine scandal, and two of his associates tried to flee the country yesterday before being

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A Bus Ride Through Fly-Over Country…

I have nothing against the people of Minnesota, Arkansas or heartland Iowa, and I have a son who was born in the South. My beef is with the conservative philosophy that begins with the dismissive words ‘I spoke to people in the Midwest and they


Support Progressive Eva Putzova!

By PDA National Team   Please Support Eva Putzova! Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) endorsed Eva Putzova for Congress in a highly-selective process reflecting the consensus of local grassroots organizers. Only candidates who support a broad and bold progressive agenda are considered. Alan Minsky, PDA Executive Director,


Trump tries to flip Minnesota with yet another campaign rally

Trump is at the Minneapolis Target Center tonight for yet another campaign rally. Below is the Daniel Dale tweet thread in anticipation of another even more stupid Trump statement. It is unbearable to put up with such repetition of falsehoods, but there’s always that hope