Republican Congressman Shimkus Withdraws Support from Trump…

Illinois Congressman John Shimkus has told a St. Louis area radio station that Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from northern Syria is “terrible and despicable”.

Shimkus goes on to tell KMOX's Mark Reardon that he told staff “to take my name off the I support Donald Trump list” and that he is “saddened for the Kurdish people.”  

Shimkus is not running for re-election, and his comments do no necessarily mean he will support Trump’s impeachment. He did say he was “troubled” by Trump’s action with the Ukraine. (Click the link above to hear the entire interview with the talk radio host.)

Trump is being heavily criticized for the decision to betray our Kurdish allies. It is unlikely if this could become a backdoor approach Republicans can use to support impeachment, but any opposition from his base is not helpful to Trump since only his base can save him.