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Daily Archives: October 4, 2019

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I am My Brother’s Forgiver

People grieve loved ones to restore their sense of peace when it is disrupted by death. That disruption is more often a result of natural causes but when death is inexplicable and needless, grief serves two purposes.  First, it is a private acknowledgment that life

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Let None Call It Treason

I’m seeing a lot of comments lately saying Trump committed treason; this needs to stop. When I was searching for an image for this diary, I saw all kinds of photos calling Hillary a traitor, John Kerry, John McCain, Pope Francis, Jane Fonda, Julian Assange.

as if David Brooks couldn't get worse

David Brooks latest experiment in detoxified masculinity is called: Why Trump Voters Stick With Him: An imagined conversation with Flyover Man. Unfortunately, like most of his columns, the vague generalizations of non-coastal populations resembles a sophomoric version of the NY Times’s attempts to sample Trump voters’ opinions.