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Daily Archives: September 27, 2019

Paul Ryan's Revenge

David Van Drehle argues in today’s WaPo that Trump’s fate is in the hands of Fox News because Fox is what Trump’s base swears by. However, those Fox News viewers punch far above their weight in one regard: They are the core of any hard-right

The White Man’s Last Stand

Growing up as a black kid in America, the running blaxploitation film theme was getting “the man” before he got you. Donald Trump is un-circling the wagons for the white man’s last stand.  That last statement is not a blanket thrown over every white man

DeSantis has become the most corrupt governor in the U.S., and is desperate to save Trump

While other Republican governors were either backing the investigation into Donald Trump’s corruption—or at least holding off judgment until more facts are known—Floridians were a tad shocked Thursday when Gov. Ron DeSantis announced his creation of the mafioso-sounding Presidential Protection Fund to raise money to help one Donald J. Trump.  DeSantis insists that