NC-Sen & 09: Cal Cunningham (D) Keeps Up The Momentum For Dan McCready (D) To Beat Trump's GOPer

Received this e-mail today from U.S. Senate candidate, Cal Cunningham (D. NC), in support of Dan McCready’s (D. NC-09) campaign:

Dan McCready (D. NC-09)

If there's one thing I've learned while serving our country, it's how important it is to always have each other's backs.

And time is running out for us to make a difference for my fellow veteran, Dan McCready, in North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District.

So I’ll cut to the chase — will you add a contribution to Dan’s campaign to help him win this month’s special election?

Dan’s race last year was so rampant with election fraud that they had to schedule a new election next week.

Now we need to make sure North Carolinians’ voices are heard and that Dan has the resources to get out the vote and win this race.

If you don’t know him, Dan is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and solar energy entrepreneur. As a veteran, I know he’s exactly the kind of partner I want by my side in Congress to serve the people of North Carolina. Together, we can take on the political corruption in Washington and address climate change.

You’ve been a strong supporter of our campaign thus far, which is why I’m hoping we can count on you to step up for Dan today:

Split a contribution of any amount between Dan’s campaign and mine to help us take back North Carolina today.

Thanks for all you do.

— Cal

Click here to donate to McCready’s campaign.