Of course he would:

U.S. Senator John Cornyn positioned himself at the forefront of the resistance to the Green New Deal on Wednesday in Houston, touting a conservative think tank’s new study that claims the legislation would raise the average Texas family’s annual electricity bill by more than $12,000 over the next decade.

The Green New Deal – decried by Republicans as socialism run amok – aims to meet 100% of the power demand for the U.S. with clean wind and solar energy by 2030.

Though it has little chance of becoming law, the proposal has put the energy industry on the defensive and it is fighting back with some alarming statistics.

Cornyn spoke at a roundtable at Sunbelt Steel in Houston Wednesday. The Republican senator from Texas toured the company’s plant in the warehouse district east of downtown Houston, shaking hands with jumpsuit-clad workers amid stacks of steel pipe used to produce oil-drilling tools.

Mike Kowalski, Sunbelt Steel’s COO, joined the panel and said passage of the Green New Deal would be the company’s death knell. It would be forced to close and its 65 employees would be out of work, he said.

“The Green New Deal would be a deadly deal to businesses like Sunbelt Steel,” Kowalski said. “We play a critical role in the overall supply chain of a healthy economy. Business conditions today are already tough, often they already feel like a fistfight in a phone booth.”

And who sponsored this event for Cornyn to spew his lies? You guessed it:

Fresh on the heels of a laughable twitter post claiming “summer,” not climate change, was behind record July temperatures, Sen. John Cornyn is apparently doubling down on the denial. 

Cornyn, R-Texas, was the star speaker Wednesday at a Houston event hosted by the arch-conservative Texas Public Policy Foundation looking to rile Texans up about the Green New Deal proposed by Democratic lawmakers. 

This is the same Austin-based think tank that recently held a public forumon San Antonio's climate plan that was more of an excused to rail against the city doing much of anything to address carbon emissions. The group — funded by fossil fuel interests including the Koch Brothers — has a lengthy of history of denying and downplaying climate change. 

David Koch is dead but his influence on politicians like Cornyn lives on. It’s time to finally flip Texas blue. Click below to donate and get involved with the Texas Democrats running for Senate’s campaigns.

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