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Daily Archives: August 18, 2019


What Price Progress?

photo: Progressive Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Pocan Addresses PDA Activists In solidarity,  Mike Hersh for Alan, Shayna, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike F., Dr. Bill, Dan, and Janis—your PDA national team. Sustain PDA With Automatic Gifts   On Sustainer Sunday, Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) asks you


The Daily Bucket–The Tadpoles of August

In August, many tadpoles in my hand-dug backyard ponds change into small chorus frogs.  For several years now, the frogs have returned to my backyard in March, bred in the ponds, and produced eggs that produced tadpoles that morphed into frogs from Bastille Day (July 14) 

Poll: A Nickname for Trump

A reply I wrote on another diary just now gave me an idea. We could try to settle on a single moniker for Trump and harp on it over and over. One reason “Moscow Mitch” works so well — aside from being true — is