Well, that’s karma — or whatever the Christian equivalent of karma is. Eternal perdition? Because that’s what they’ve given us …

So now this is happening: Because they elected Donald Trump, white evangelical Christians could soon be facing a severe Bible shortage. 

Trump is still threatening a 25 percent tariff on $300 billion of Chinese goods, and if he follows through with his mad plan, the U.S. demand for Bibles may be impossible to meet.



“Due to the unique paper, printing, and binding needs of Bible production there are simply no U.S. vendors that could produce any significant portion of the volume needed to meet the demands of the U.S. market,” wrote Mark Schoenwald, president and CEO of the company. According to Schoenwald, HarperCollins Christian Publishing accounts for 38% of the US Bible market. No US vendor would be able to meet the demands of the US market, and a 25% tariff on religious materials “could result in a Bible shortage” that would “cause economic harm throughout the Christian Bookseller market.” Ministries, churches, and other religious organizations may also no longer be able to afford bibles.

The overwhelming majority of Bibles in the US are printed in China, according to Christianity Today. China also became the world’s largest Bible publisher in 2012, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua.

Hey, maybe it would be cheaper to produce knock-off Bibles with a book called “Two Corinthians,” about a couple of knuckleheaded Corinthians who get into wacky misadventures on the road to Damascus before tragically dying of windmill cancer. Or leprosy … brought on by and/or exacerbated by windmills.

Or something.

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