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Daily Archives: June 9, 2019

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Republicans peddle grotesque abortion-slavery comparison

In the great and proud history of the United States, no failing, no appalling ideology, no perverse institution—no national tragedy—compares to the American sin of chattel slavery. Codified in the nation’s founding documents in a grotesque mockery of the Declaration’s self-evident truth that “all men

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Interesting results in new Iowa Poll from DMR/Seltzer)

best seen in this tweet from Dave Weigel: x Since last poll Biden: 24% (-5)Sanders: 16% (-9)Warren: 15% (+6)Buttigieg: 14% (+13)Harris: 7% (+0)Klobuchar: 2% (-1)— Dave Weigel (@daveweigel) June 9, 2019 to which he also notes this x Combined Sanders/Biden vote in DMR polls December: