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Daily Archives: May 18, 2019


Can You Feel The Progressive Excitement Building?

Yours for democracy,  Mike Hersh for Kimberly, Deb, Janis, Shayna, Alan, Mike F, Dan, Dr. Bill, and Bryan—your PDA National Team Please Pitch In Now ToHelp Elect Progressives Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is both troubled and also galvanized by recent events. We will always

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Joe Biden Planted His Flag Today,

Well, that was interesting. I get such a kick out of politicians these days, officially announcing their candidacy for something, making a bunch of speeches, and rally appearances, and then officially ”kicking off” their campaign a month later somewhere. It reminds me of high school, when the “homecoming” game

Kentucky and Abortion: The Latest Insanity.

Governor Matt Bevin and the Republican legislature have nothing else better to do than pass more restrictive abortion laws in the hopes that they make it to the SCOTUS and Roe v. Wade is overturned.  How is that going so far? Once again, Kentucky Republican