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Daily Archives: May 2, 2019

Media Narrative on Democrats: You Are Screwed!

Because I’m at home, I get to see a lot of MSNBC living with my elderly Mom, and I have had this “emerging” Media narrative of Democrats are so politically screwed shoved into every orifice of my body.  Has anyone else noticed this?  Here are


PDA Says No to U.S. Coups in Latin America

We Insist that the U.S. Back-Off from Trying to Overthrow the Venezuelan Government In solidarity for justice,  Alan Minsky for Mike F, Mike H., Dr. Bill Donna, Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, and Shayna—your PDA National Staff The events in Venezuela on Tuesday would have

Sign. The. Pledge.

Period. Full stop. because we can’t make the same mistakes of 2016 all over again in 2020. I don’t wanna hear about Bernie Bro’s, or Kamala’s Kids, or Pete’s Posse, or any of those other stupid, dismissive nicknames that people will come up for referencing other candidates

Tremendous Victory For Healthcare For All, Tuesday!

Mike Fox for Dr. Bill Honigman, Alan, Donna, Dan, Janis, Deb, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike H., and Shayna—your PDA National Staff History Making Congressional Hearings  After years of work on behalf of Expanded And Improved Medicare For All, we received arguably the best news yet: both