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Daily Archives: April 9, 2019

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Insiders Freezing Out Challengers

Yours for democracy, Mike Hersh for Alan, Mike F, Deb, Janis, Dan, Shayna, Dr Bill, Kimberly, and Bryan—your PDA National Team Pitch In To Defrost The DCCC Freeze Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded in 2004 to support progressive candidates—including recruiting and electing primary

Sayonara, Mike Pence?

”Don’t you recognize me?” “Ummm, gimme a hint.” “I’m your WIFE, dumbass!”   Ash vs Evil Dead You know, even in the current more progressive, affluent, and permissive age we live in today, most people still tend to take marriage pretty seriously. Not only because of

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By Maite Mola & Paolo Ferrero, Vice-Presidents of the Party of the European Left   In the spirit of Bernie Sanders’ recent call to begin building an “international progressive front”, the European Left invited leaders from the US Left to Brussels to develop concrete working relationships.