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Monthly Archives: April 2019


The Only Good Medical Debt is Dead Medical Debt.

We're going to kill some medical debt! Annapolis, Maryland did it. (“Annapolis Church Wipes Out $2M In Medical Debt For Strangers”) Minneapolis did it. (“Charity buys and erases crushing past-due medical debt.”) People in Tennessee (“Medical debt being paid off for hundreds of Tennesseans.”) and Michigan (“Michigan

Trump wants to start charging fees to asylum seekers

I know you probably think I’ve been sniffing DMT off a psychedelic toad’s hindquarters, but this is real. A real thing that’s happening. Within the space-time continuum. Axios: In a memorandum released Monday evening, President Trump directed Attorney General William Barr and acting Homeland Security

Why you cannot understand Trump

The redoubtable Rick Wilson tweeted out this pro-Trump meme a few days ago: Oh sweet mother of God. This is HONESTLY what they believe. I can’t even being to tell you how hard I’m laughing right now. — Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) April 26, 2019

The four zombies of the supply-side apocalypse

Zombies have gripped American popular culture for years. In books, television shows, and films, the undead are regularly resurrected for your entertainment. (Even Jane Austen fans were treated to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy butchering those from beyond the grave in Pride and Prejudice and


The Best Way to Support the Progressive Movement

photo: PDA Fundraiser in Santa Monica, CA In Solidarity,  Alan Minsky for Deb, Mike F., Janis, Dan, Dr. Bill, Kimberly, Bryan, Mike H. and Shayna—your PDA National Team Help PDA Reach Our Goal ByBecoming a Monthly Sustainer Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) is an essential