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Monthly Archives: March 2018

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Signs of the Day

Choose your sign. Or choose them all.  Signs from around the nation seen at the Marches 4 Our Lives. x The sign of signs. A 16 yr old from Connecticut is the creator. She wants to be safe at school. #MarchForOurLivesNY #neveragain— Barbara Malmet

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Trump Issues New Ban on Transgender Individuals Serving in Military

“Transgender person who require or have undergone gender transition are disqualified from military service.” x Trump revokes August 2017 memo, issues new ban on transgender individuals serving in military.— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) March 24, 2018 Will this, and how soon will this, be struck

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Everything Wrong With Fox News in One Video Clip

When people tell me they get their news from Fox, I always ask if they are bothered by the rightwing bias. When they say “prove it”, I simply ask them to find one positive story on Obama.  Then I ask them, as a comparison, to

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Live Blog: Student Walkouts

The student walk outs start in five minutes.  I have been looking for a live blog (maybe one for each time zone).  I know everybody is having a good time high fiving Connor Lamb’s victory and making fun of Donald Trump.  But this is kind

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Jeff Sessions Sues California Over ICE.

Late-night breaking news: The Justice Department is suing California and two top state officials, accusing them of interfering with federal immigration efforts by passing and enforcing state laws that hinder U.S. operations against undocumented people. Governor Jerry Brown’s response: “At a time of unprecedented political

Democrats proven right—again—on tax cut windfall for the rich

Campaign Action During the run-up to the passage of the “Republican Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” late last year, one technical paper from the Treasury Department’s Office of Tax Analysis suddenly went missing. Why “Distributing the Corporate Income Tax: Revised U.S. Treasury Methodology” alone among the