Let me be quite clear this is not an adieu, but an au revoir.

I have always thought of personality politics as a waste of time and am more interested in changing the way things are, Nuit Debout represents our thoughts far more than any standard political party.

This life is too short not to insist on doing the right things at the right time. So many pissed off people so many profiteers trying to latch onto the discontent, so much pollution of what matters.

Some politicians say push me to do the right thing, what the fuck, just do what is right.

Some politicians give up before they even start because the money is better when you do fuck all.

Some politicians couldn’t give a shit.

Some politicians deliberately set light to the world.

I’m fed up of listening to the spoon fed reality merchants who deny that any change is possible because you know, reality. The reality they are talking about has been bought and paid for by the snake oil salesmen of the disgustingly rich/powerful.

Change comes from the bottom up, it’s a long road. It will fail often, get up and try again.

The deafness with respect to climate change.

The systematic promotion of income inequality.

The acceptance that some have more rights than others, others must be patient and wait.

Change is to be feared rather than embraced and anyway it’s too expensive.

War is necessary, we can kill who we like, without justice without trial.

Torture is pardoned because if we didn’t pardon our own, it would give us a sad.

This is what I call denial of reality.

So I seem to be in a different place than many here, so I’ll take a break.