You Have To Protest For What You Believe In

If the first words out of you mouth are

Free with Audible trial

You have to be a realist

It is not possible in the current political climate

You would not have made a good

Free with Audible trial


Civil Rights campaigner

But then again you must be realistic it’s the only way to win

Free with Audible trial


I don’t believe that for one minute

Unless of course you are for the Status Quo

Free with Audible trial

Then by all means

Carry on

The radical right wing have assaulted and sacked the Republican Party in a pretty short space of time

Free with Audible trial

The bipartisan “middle” has meanwhile had a free hand when it comes to the pillaging for their sponsors

The left, well we must be realists

Cause you know winning n stuff

All I ask is, when was the last time we actually won

It takes time, yes

But sometimes just being realistic aint enough

Just a thought