$20.20 for candidates in your state. We can do this. Our lives are worth twenty bucks.

2020 election

We all are a little short on money these days but we should try and pull $20.20 together for candidates in our state.   Even if it is just one candidate in our state.  Donate.

  I am going to start with a link here for my state.  www.90for90.org/….They have your state here.    They have your candidates listed in one place.  Every state with easy to donate and volunteer as it is listed on their website.  This is an easy way to find your candidate and donate or volunteer.

 This is A rally call to put people in charge who KNOW what they are doing and can provide the leadership we need in all 50 states.  Twenty dollars and twenty cents per person to our candidates can buy a lot of air time and messaging.

 Our lives are worth 20.20 cents. Just go to the link and pull up your state and go to the donate page.  



www.ehrforcongress.com     Donate:   secure.actblue.com/…

I chose as an example Matt Gaetz’s district.  It is just that simple to donate or volunteer by going to the one stop shop website. 

We are at a disadvantage with this horrendous virus, to go door to door but we can get the messaging out with donations and phone calls and postcards.

We have many veterans and science believing people running.  They are running in all 50 states and from the Presidential elections, all the way down  which covers the down ballots.  The info you need is right there on 90 for 90.   

   We can do this.    Twenty dollars and twenty cents for our candidates in our states and any state we choose will add up quickly.  Think of it as one stop shopping for our future, our health, our lives.

Thanks.  Just do it.   Remember to Stay healthy and safe.   We have a country to save.  Feeling helpless?  Don’t !  We can do this.  We can help this country from the abyss in has fallen into.  We start today and now.   

  • April 7, 2020