A few misnomers are floating around about Trump supporters. That they are all either pickup driving Confederate flag-waving morons or Archie Bunker types with a pair of wingtips parked next to their favorite chair, while railing against the ‘Coloreds.’ The seditious attack on the Capitol proved otherwise. Actively participating with the moronic throng, were doctors, lawyers, at least one elected politician, retired and active-duty military, and police officers. A group, one would think, that have enough education not to succumb to the big lie; Yes, the idea that election fraud delivered Joe Biden’s victory was a big lie! It is not up for debate and it is unquestionable.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), on January 6, in what may be known in the future as the—shootout at the O-QAnon Corral, suggested that  Democrats would tell vote truthers to go jump in the lake. I am going to be presumptuous and say, truthers, go jump in the lake. As much as Hillary Clinton has been told to go away by her detractors, she is owed a nod and a wave at this point in history; as a matter of fact, I would like to take her to Vegas. She predicted and told us in no uncertain terms, that a Donald Trump presidency would be filled with chaos and he was not fit to be President of the United States. Instead, we worried about her likeability and her pants suits and ignored the substance.  

The Leader of the deplorables…

Donald Trump lied about Barack Obama, laid the groundwork for his rigged election fantasy when he thought he would lose in 2016, and the con is continuing. He has scammed somewhere in the neighborhood of a quarter-billion dollars in donations for his election fraud defense fund. As of the first week in December of 2020 Trump’s Save America PAC fundraising scheme, which ostensibly is a legal defense fund, netted according to Rolling Stone magazine, a gross of 170 million dollars in small donations, i.e., the little MAGAs.

Since the beginning of America’s four years with Trump and company, which began with a slow descent down an escalator, involving us in his personal hell, we have heard him lie about crowd sizes, and name-call with epithets like S-O-Bs, and Sh*tholes. He has disparaged or forgotten the names of dead war heroes and abandoned the living ones. His lies know no bounds and are part and parcel of his indecency. During Mr. Trump’s conflation and misunderstanding of the NDAA and the Covid-19 relief package, he railed xenophobically about foreign aid and how it was costing Americans 2,000 dollar stimulus checks.

He knew the big fraud lie would eventually catch up with him so he wanted to impart one last going away gift to the MAGAs. For a minute allow yourself to believe that the real reason behind Trump’s veto of the NDAA, despite reports by the press it being over section 230 of the bill, was really over the names of traitorous, slave-owning, seditionist names being removed from military bases.  Oh, that is crazy, I am sure the Bragg(s) the Hood(s) the Benning(s), the Hill(s), and the Beauregard(s) were ‘very fine people…’ Remember when Mr. Trump criticized John McCain for being captured and tortured, I guess that does not apply to loser traitors, “Whether you like it or not, he was one of the great generals,” Trump said of Robert E. Lee.   

Continue to Vote for Change.    

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