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15 today. She is such an advocate and please wish her a birthday wish. I wanted it to be special.

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I wanted to do something special for Sierra.  She is our baby girl, the only  one left at home of the grandkids we adopted.   I have been Mama since she was 3 months old.   She is so smart, so animated, talented and the world today is dark but not for her.  She adapts and is a positive  young lady and always tries to help and see the best in people.   I didn’t know how to celebrate her birthday and decided to have people give her wishes.    

She was born in the height of the Iraq war.  She stayed on my hip or in Vet’s arms for the first several years of her life because we were so delighted to have such joy as she is just as much a bundle of joy today as she was when we taught her to walk and talk and follow her better angels.   

She adopted her kitty, Ash, which is now a cat but he is her fur baby.   In all of my years and there are quite a few for me, I have never seen a happier, more content child.   She loves to help, she loves to learn and she loves her family.  I want her future to be bright and plentiful.  I want her generation to make America a better place.   She is Generation Z.   I want her to feel safe and in these dark isolated days, I want her healthy and happy.

She has seen and done things many kids never get the chance to do.   This is a tribute to her as she approaches 16.   She  has won the heart of Dr. Reid, some folks at C-Span and almost all who meet her.     We nicknamed her Digit when she turned 9 because that was the last year she was a single digit.  At 10 she would then be a double digit.  These little videos are snapshots in time.  They are short so please watch them and wish her a Happy Birthday.  

 Please wish her a Happy Birthday.  She does not do facebook and this space is more important to me anyway.  Please help me Wish her a Beautiful Birthday…Thanks.  

Happy Birthday Baby.

Through the years:


Helping Dana get out the vote in 2018 against Daniel Webster District 11-Fl.

We spent much time in 2018 helping

Dana Cottrell GOTV and this pic was taken with Dana and her husband who was running for state house District 10 and Dana was running against Daniel Webster.   She nor her husband won but this pic was taken at a private consult in Spring Hill discussing Veterans.   The gentleman in the back was from the Florida Democratic State party.

Sierra and me go to marches and meetups along with her advocacy for veterans and the environment.   She loves to advocate and help me.   This generation Z is our future.  We need to really protect them all we can.


here she is with her older sister last year.  She is the tallest one.  There is 10 years between them.


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