This is going to be a mess.  Worse than it is.   I noticed Teacherken… had an informative post up.  We are becoming the hot spot, literally for the Covid-19 Pandemic and it can only get worse.  The above quote under the pic  can be found here.…It is his quote !

Today the temperature on my patio thermometer read 98 and that was under the awning in the shade.   The Real Feel was again 108.  The water temperatures from the Gulf I know are 90 and have been for several days.  We have a major dust cloud over us from the Sahara and it is hard to breathe when outside.  So don’t go outside. 

If you are homeless, then you are miserable more than normal.  The AC’s are doing all they can and people are not going to be able to cover their cooling costs.  We have been under a heat advisory for almost a week and next week is supposed to give us little relief.

Now mix all of this horrific situation totally on going and is already existing with the pandemic and racial tensions plus a convention of racists coming to Florida and we have the makings of a terrible situation that IMO could equal a Katrina disaster.   Arizona is not in Hurricane alley with Trump and Company decending on the state in the middle of an angry and sick and hungry people.

If a major hurricane hits Florida in the middle of a pandemic and civil unrest  occurs which will surely follow, then how soon will hospital beds overflow and who gets left behind?  The poor of course.  We have nursing homes, and mostly elderly people in Florida.  We have a governor trying his best to be Trump’s twin and in my opinion, there is something totally wrong with that man.   He just doesn’t sound or look right to me.    Am I being pessismistic?  No, I am being realistic.  Desantis jumps through every ignorant hoop Trump tells him to jump through which we know always leads to disaster.    He is a one termer, if we survive.  At least Scott was his own greedy  crooked self and not some want a be stooge who parrots Trump.

The hospital beds are filling and there is no hurricane but we still have natural disease and accidents that keep hospitals pretty busy without a pandemic or hurricane, or flood waters.  What is DeSantis thinking not shutting down the state until we get this under control and what about people trying to leave the state if a Hurricane comes within the next 3 to 8 weeks ?  Cars backed up?  No gas?  No power? and no leadership.  We know what happens in Florida does not stay in Florida.   

Pray for Florida if you are a praying person.  We are going to need help and soon.  We have some good liberals and people who are here to vote that came after Maria.  We have felons who got their vote back  who will vote for the 1st time in years and years and we have a possible and I think probable disaster looming.  I am a little more than worried.  We are seniors.  Sick, positive for covid people on roofs and trapped together in shelters is a very scary thought.

Florida,  Stock up.  Florida stay home.  Wear masks if you have to go out and social distance because we are in for one bumpy ride IMO.  We have no leadership.  We have no precautions.  We have idiots riding on unicorns, watching rainbows, wishing all bad things away down here.  It is up to us.  Close your eyes Johnny and Jill, it will all magically disappear is the Florida government attitude.

We have to be our own rescue and preventive operation.  November is soon but not soon enough for Florida.  Florida is in extreme danger.  It is true that we have right wing nut jobs here.  It is also true we have good dems and people who just wanted to spend their retirement in some sort of peace.  

This was in April……Imagine now.… ( Behind pay wall)  sorry…But It is all over local weather channels.

Apr 22, 2020 – Relentless record heat roasts south Florida while most of the Gulf Coast … Farther east, New Orleans hit 90 degrees on April 9 — five weeks ahead of … Gulf of Mexico water temperatures are hovering some 2 to 3 degrees …