10,000 Republican Voters In Arizona Changed Their Party Registrations in January

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Joe Biden won the state of Arizona by 10,457 votes in November, his closest victory in any state. Since the start of 2021, 10,174 registered Republican voters have dropped out of the Republican party following the January 6 riot of Trump supporters and attempted insurrection.


Most former Republicans — 6,750 — chose to forego any party affiliation, while 1,374 switched to the Democratic Party and 1,108 opted for Independent. The Libertarians gained another 485 members from former Republicans and two individuals changed their registration to the Green Party. Another 554 voters opted for what the Secretary of State’s Office describes as a ‘non-recognized political party.’”

Among Democratic registered voters, 2484 changed their partisan registration in the same time period. Other states have also reported modest numbers of Republican voters leaving the party. If the trend continues, it could shift closely divided states significantly.

As The Copper Courier previously reported, the parties saw the biggest shift in the week following the attempted coup with nearly 5,000 Republicans switching parties.

Then came the censure of Cindy McCain, Gov. Doug Ducey, and former Sen. Jeff Flake on Jan. 23 during the party’s annual meeting for seemingly turning their back on Trump McCain called the censure an “honor.”

  • February 3, 2021