Ukraine War – Combat Footage From Kyiv Area Gives Closer Look At Armament Of Ukrainian AT Squads

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty released a very interesting video that gives a closer look on the armament of a Ukrainian anti-tank squad. The scenes were filmed during a skirmish between Ukrainian and Russian forces in an undisclosed village in the area of Kyiv. The footage shows the Ukrainian soldiers advancing towards the village when a firefight broke out.

According to reports, a group of Russian soldiers and tanks entered the village and the Ukrainian forces were sent in to push them out. The weapons we saw in this video range from regular RPG-7s over to Panzerfaust 3s, NLAWs, possible RPV-16 and even M141 BDMs. Machine guns mostly were PK variants and M240s. For small arms, the video shows a mix of mostly AK variants with iron sights.

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  • March 10, 2022
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