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Community members by political affiliation: DEMOCRAT

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Maureen J Andrade

West Coast progressive mama with an interest in social justice, art, environmental stewardship, and anything else that makes Earth a good place to live.

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Dammand Cherry

I like to write about the media and how they cover politics.

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Danny Cardwell

Danny Cardwell is a Deacon at Piney Grove Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Virginia. He's a writer and agent provocateur at and He's a member of the board of directors for Preservation Bath. He's preached, taught, and lectured to at risk youths throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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Brenda Grantland

I am a lawyer (sole practitioner) in Mill Valley California, specializing in federal asset forfeiture defense, criminal appeals and Constitutional issues. I have been active in the forfeiture reform movement and the drug policy reform movement for over 23 years. I have a blog called Truth and Justice Blog and intend to republish some of my blog articles here.

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Gregg Williams

Have been a longtime scholar on the Supreme Court, legal history, and government. I read voluminously and am a book collector.

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Stefan Hankin

Stefan Hankin is the founder and president of Lincoln Park Strategies. With over a decade of experience in market research, working with clients at all levels of politics, as well as the non-profit and corporate world, Stefan’s expertise on positioning his clients to succeed across all demographic and ideological groups serves as the hallmark of his work.

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Remington M

Media and PR professional, Basketball Coach--have coached at levels up to College.
As, I blog more--this section will grow, and you will know more!
Thanks for reading!!

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Bailey Magno

Author, State PTA member, Radio Show Host, and future congressmen. A progressive fighter for LGBTQ rights & womens rights.

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Amanda Kato

I attended Lake City Community College. I am a veterans advocate and Founder of a Ga State Veterans Org. I also am co founder of the Ocala Veteran Task Force.
My background includes broadcasting, proessional management in the Corporate world and much community service. I pride myself in activsim regarding civil rights and Veterans Affairs. My complete profile can be viewed at

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Dorothy Durio Collins

I am a journalist, policy wonk, and the president of US, a political newsgroup and think tank. I am a mother, a metal head, a community organizer and a gumbo chef extraordinaire!

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Michael Wilburn

I am studying human rights and religious studies, and I am hoping to use that to get into either academia or government work. Social justice, human rights, and environmental issues are the most important issues for me.

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Maria Fotopoulos

Maria writes about the population-sustainability connection for Californians for Population Stabilization.

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Been involved in politics since my teen years. Supported Barack Obama since 2002. Been a Democrat all my life. Worked with getting the late Mayor Lucas elected for four terms in Illinois.

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Matthew Groff

Middle left leaning, mostly left on social issues, but fiscally conservative.

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Political Junkie-in-Training. Duct tape is great but just won't fix stupid..

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Liberal Democrat, pragmatic, agree more with Libertarian than GOP (likely due to social issues). Midwest transplant to CA doing my best to be civil in politics.