Bernie Sanders, #feelthebern

If Hillary Clinton wins the New York primary, is Bernie Sanders campaign over?

No. He should fight on until the convention
81% (264 votes)
Yes. It's time to unify
15% (48 votes)
Not Sure
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 327
bernie sanders and hillary clinton

Who had the better Democratic debate in New York?

Bernie Sanders
93% (1766 votes)
Hillary Clinton
7% (124 votes)
It was a tie
1% (11 votes)
Total votes: 1901
hillary clinton and bernie sander

If Bernie Sanders wins the New York primary, is Hillary Clinton's campaign over?

78% (1427 votes)
It will lead to an open convention
14% (252 votes)
8% (139 votes)
Total votes: 1818
Hillary Baggers

Which group is the most mind-numbingly stupid with regards to politics? Hillary-Baggers or Tea-Baggers?

Donald Trump compensating

Is Donald Trump desperately trying to compensate for the fact that he has a really really really TINY PENIS?

Hillary and the mass media

Will you allow mass media and the DNC to shove Hillary down our throats?