Bernie Sanders

What is Bernie Sanders biggest weakness?

Which Candidate's Plan For The United States Makes The Most Sense?

Which Candidate's Plans For The United States Make The Most Sense?


If Hillary Clinton is the democratic nominee for President will you support her in the general election?


Now that Rick Perry has officially suspended his campaign, who will be the next Republican candidate to drop out of the presidential race?

Bobby Jindal
24% (9 votes)
Scott Walker
16% (6 votes)
Lindsey Graham
14% (5 votes)
Mike Huckabee
11% (4 votes)
Jim Gillmore
11% (4 votes)
Chris Christie
8% (3 votes)
Carly Fiorina
8% (3 votes)
Rand Paul
3% (1 vote)
Jeb Bush
3% (1 vote)
Rick Santorum
3% (1 vote)
Donald Trump
0% (0 votes)
Ben Carson
0% (0 votes)
Ted Cruz
0% (0 votes)
Marco Rubio
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 37