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This is a simple contest. Create an article on The Politicus and if your article gets 500 total shares you will win $100. Keep in mind we will share your article 100 times to our social groups, which...

donald trump

Hillary and Donald: The Inevitables

It's all-but-certain: 2016 is going to be 1968 all over again. If you'll be kind enough to recall (or if you know your history) 1968 was the year when the American electorate were presented with a...

Bernie Sanders political revolution

Do you think the Bernie Sanders political revolution will end if he's not the Democratic nominee?

tiwale women

Let These Women Glow: Help Tiwale Build An Education Center For Women In Malawi


It is not coincidence that movements of social change are usually born on the backs of the young. The old saying may have it that with age comes wisdom, but with the knowledge gleaned from a lifetime...


Cruz names Carly Fiorina as running mate! Never mind he hasn't been nominated. Boehner calls Cruz "Lucifer."

political discourse

April Glowers Bring May Powers

April turned ugly on the Democratic side as Hillary and Bernie accused and insulted, a sign that the race was too tight for generosity, though following New York and Super Tuesday 3, it no longer...

Donald Trump

Fear & Politics Pt 1

An important component of conservative psychology is repressed or displaced fear and the related sense of feeling threatened by various events, ideas and people around them. Conservatives see the...

3rd district of Florida ed emery

Yes To Ed.....No No Yoho


I spent a very pleasant afternoon this past Monday with Ed Emery . I learned just how passionate Ed feels for the people in the 3rd district and how his ideas are some of the best I have heard from...


This raving maniac wants to be Prez. ...and he has a lot of supporters! What does this say about our country?


One old, white, angry, screaming asshole endorses another. Bobby Knight backs Trump! What a surprise!

donald trump and ted cruz

Gimme That Old Time Facism

I've been more than a bit disappointed in Paul Krugman as of late. His support of in the Democratic primaries makes no sense at all. What is more disturbing than that is the fact that...


Violence continues at Trump events; cop puts protestor in choke hold in Connetticut

Bernie Sanders' political revolution will crumble

What Does It Take To Have A "REVOLUTION"?

Revolutions aren't won by people who give up. I’ll go out on a limb and say that in the recorded history of the world quitters have never led a meaningful revolution. The ' political...

oath keepers

Oatkeepers predict: Clinton wins.. Civil War..Trump..not so much..goofy slogans


Unbelievable. The Oathkeepers ( cough cough) have reported or warned rather, that if becomes president, there will be an all out Civil War. Trump? well, not so dramatic in their eyes...


"It's all been an act!" ...Donald Trump

bernie sanders

Bern, Bills and Bets

Despite massive rallies feeling the Bern, Bernie burned out against Hillary in NY -- while many New Yorkers felt burned by the bungling Board of Elections voter purges. Triumphant Trump lumped his...


The High Costs Of Pandering Pt 2


You’ve got to feel some sympathy for authoritarian followers at this point, don’t you, because they get nailed coming and going. First of all, they rely on the authorities in their lives to provide...

governor matt bevin

This is What Happens When a Political Party Neglects GOTV


Tea Party Governor Matt Bevin is at it again. Bevin has managed to cut funds to higher education. Kentucky has only been cutting higher education for the last 8 years , by the way. But before he made...


Top Comments: Cry Me A River, Republicans


It seems that local officials are finally waking up and realizing they’ve been had . In the late 1990s, as the overcrowded Mississippi prison system buckled under the weight of mass incarceration,...

Bernie Sanders

Letter to Sanders on the South

An influential group of Southern Democrats wrote an open letter to . See the letter below: April 20, 2016 Senator 131 Church Street, Suite 300 Burlington, Vermont Dear...

A Florida Trump supporter

A Florida Trump supporter... killed 81 year old after yelling racial slurs..

Is this the average Trump supporter? I think maybe so. I checked his FB page. Sure enough he is a 26 year old racist. He lives in Florida. He is a drunken hater of hispanics. He is a Trump supporter...

Bernie Sanders, #feelthebern

If Hillary Clinton wins the New York primary, is Bernie Sanders campaign over?

No. He should fight on until the convention
81% (264 votes)
Yes. It's time to unify
15% (48 votes)
Not Sure
5% (15 votes)
Total votes: 327

Trump as Prez

bernie and hillary

Bad Days Here in New York

I'm resigned to the (almost) inevitability that is going to be the Democratic nominee this summer. If that turns out to be the case, if I'm forced to make a choice between her or...

hillary and bernie

Bubble life and the Reality of Dead broke. No one Can spin this. It is what it is.


I hate the bickering on the Feel the Bern or Say Hill diaries. I hate it. I say that but I must write a post on the optics of this weekend and why it is not a good one in my opinion for Secretary...


Race Based Red Baiting: Why The Right Wing Pegs President Obama As A Communist


Over the past 7 years, the splenetic rage that has been nurtured by the political right in America against President Obama has splintered off into a number of separate, but not mutually exclusive,...


Upside Downtrodden - episode 136



bernie sanders and hillary clinton

Who had the better Democratic debate in New York?

Bernie Sanders
93% (1766 votes)
Hillary Clinton
7% (124 votes)
It was a tie
1% (11 votes)
Total votes: 1901
bernie sanders and hillary clinton

It's Up To You, New York, New York

Often uncontested in presidential elections, New York is now of unquestionable importance to candidate condenters in both parties who seek to avoid contested conventions. A Vermonter with Brooklyn...

Political Pandering

The High Costs Of Pandering Pt 1


[B]eing the most effective at exaggerating the dangers the country faces and preying on voter anger is not an achievement; it is a moral failure. For many us, it is beyond astounding that such a...