24-hour Political Writing Contest

24-hour Political Writing Contest


This is a simple contest. Create an article on The Politicus and if your article gets 500 total shares in 24-hours you win $100. Keep in mind, we will share your article as well to give you a head...Read more


Pentecostal Leaders Pray God Will Knock Clinton’s Chariot Wheels Off To Help ‘Anointed’ Trump


Charisma magazine and its affiliated online Charisma News are part of Steve Strang’s publishing empire , aimed at Pentecostal Christians who see American politics enveloped in constant spiritual...Read more


Rep. Louie Gohmert: Democrats Rely On Votes Of 'Them Who Have No Regard For The Law,' 'People That Can’t Speak English'


The Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins interviewed Rep. Louie Gohmert yesterday about reports, which turned out to be erroneous , that the man who shot five people in a Washington state mall last...Read more


Religious Right Activist Convicted In Ex-Gay International Kidnapping Saga


Back in 2009, we started covering the story of Lisa Miller , a self-declared former lesbian who had become a hero to the Religious Right for defying legal orders to allow her former partner, Janet...Read more


True The Vote's Latest Fail: Discovering That A Citizen Voted


True the Vote , the Texas-based Tea Party group that is on a mission to uncover widespread voter fraud in order to promote suppressive voting measures, thought it had a winning story earlier this...Read more


Flip Benham Blames Unrest In Charlotte Following Police Shooting on Passage of LGBT Rights Bill


Radical right-wing activist Flip Benham showed up at another Charlotte, North Carolina, city council meeting this week , this time to blame the unrest in the city that followed the recent shooting of...Read more


The Trump Campaign's Latest Tactic Is Straight From The Conservative Echo Chamber

NBC News is reporting that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, in an effort to regain momentum following the candidate’s poor performance in Monday night’s debate, has begun distributing talking...Read more


Right Wing Round-Up - 9/29/16


Brad Reed @ Raw Story : White nationalist leader: ‘Every alt-right Nazi I know is volunteering for the Trump campaign’. Joe Jervis : Nazi Site Declares “Holy Crusade” Against Homocon Milo Over His...Read more


Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/29/16


Busted! "A comprehensive video has surfaced that rather convincingly shows Hillary Clinton using hand signals like a third base baseball coach to prompt moderator Lester Holt to quickly call on her...Read more


Religious Right Backs Bill to Implement Trump’s Pledge to Make Churches More Politically Powerful


Donald Trump has repeatedly pledged to make conservative Christians more politically powerful by eliminating legal restrictions on churches’ and other tax-exempt nonprofits’ ability to do electoral...Read more


Candidates seek change



It’s not just that on Monday night Donald Trump bullied, interrupted constantly and lied repeatedly, it’s that he followed the debate with accusations of moderator bias and even a rigged microphone...Read more


Jonathan Cahn Knows We're In The End Times Because 'We're Seeing Things That Even Sodom And Gomorrah Didn't See'


When End Times Messianic rabbi Jonathan Cahn appeared on Glenn Beck's radio program last year, it was to warn that America was going to suffer a massive calamity—possibly an economic meltdown,...Read more


Another Trump Adviser Appears On Radio Network That Features White Nationalists

Earlier this year, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign landed in hot water when the candidate’s son, Donald Trump Jr., agreed to be interviewed by notorious white nationalist radio host James...Read more


Trump Names 'Pro-Life Advisory Council' In Attempt To Reassure Anti-Choice Movement

Donald Trump’s campaign has given the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody a sneak peek at the members of a “pro-life advisory council” that the candidate is set to introduce today. Earlier...Read more


David Barton Claims The Founding Fathers Used 'The Exact Language Of The Bible' To Write The Constitution


A few years ago, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton developed a new talking point in which he claimed that the Constitution is filled with direct , verbatim quotes straight out of the Bible ...Read more


Katrina Pierson Insists That Unscientific Online Polls Are Accurate, Media Polls Are 'Skewed'

On Tuesday , Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson took a page from her boss and touted Trump’s performance in post-debate online polls that have no scientific accuracy whatsoever. After...Read more


Assesment of Clinton's Victory over Trump


Now that the first U.S. presidential debate is over and people have had time to react to the settling of dust, it is time to reflect on the implications and the results of the first debate. There is...Read more


Right Wing Round-Up - 9/28/16


Aaron Rupar @ Think Progress : Troll armies rig polls to deceive you into believing Trump won first debate. Joan McCarter @ Daily Kos : Trump denies saying not paying taxes 'makes me smart' an hour...Read more


Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/28/16


Janice Crouse is not happy about adult coloring books being used for therapy: "I was rather disturbed because I think it shows a great failure in our culture to instill any kind of religious values...Read more


Rick Joyner: Climate Change Is A Communist Plot


In an appearance yesterday on “ The Jim Bakker Show ,” televangelist Rick Joyner said that he is now between 98 and 99 percent confident that climate change is a myth that it is nothing more than an...Read more


Michael Savage's Latest Conspiracy Theory Debunked


On Monday afternoon, conservative talk radio host Michael Savage learned that his program was not running as usual on a major New York radio station that day, prompting him to claim that he was being...Read more


Jim Bakker: Hillary Clinton's Election Could Usher In God's Wrath


Televangelist Jim Bakker warned yesterday that Hillary Clinton ’s election could lead to God’s wrath on American and the country “could reap horrendous times” if voters make the wrong choice in...Read more


Ken Ham: Christians Who Believe In Evolution Follow A 'Pagan Religion' & Invite God's Judgment


Ken Ham, the head of the Creationist group Answers In Genesis and founder of the Creation Museum, joined conservative radio host Janet Mefferd last week to discuss a new book about evangelicals who...Read more


Savage: Hillary 'Was Like A Sumo Wrestler Who Won The Debate Right From The Beginning'

Conservative radio host and Donald Trump ally Michael Savage said on his program yesterday that he couldn’t finish watching Monday’s presidential debate because he knew early in the evening that...Read more


'Catastrophist' Glenn Beck Now Says It's His Job To Merely Warn About What 'Could' Happen, Not What Will Happen


Glenn Beck fancies himself something of a prophet tasked with the responsibility to constantly warn of impending chaos and collapse , claiming that he is right nearly 80 percent of the time and that...Read more


John Guandolo: Muslims Working In Hotels, Buying Gas Stations To Prepare 'For A Jihad'


Disgraced FBI agent turned anti-Muslim activist John Guandolo joined VCY America’s “ Crosstalk ” program last week, where he warned that Muslim Americans are taking jobs in hotels and buying...Read more


Trump's Fans Declare Unscientific Online Polls To Be The New Gold Standard


During the presidential primary season, it was always amusing to watch Donald Trump tout his massive leads in online polls, the notoriously unscientific surveys in which participants can vote more...Read more


'And You Wonder Why They Call Us The Great Satan': Rick Scarborough Rails Against U.S. Embassies Flying The Rainbow Flag


Vision America's Rick Scarborough spoke at a " Pastors Appreciation Brunch " in Orlando, Florida, last week , urging the pastors in the audience to get involved in politics and to mobilize their...Read more


Mat Staver: Roy Moore Faces The 'Death Penalty'! (Of His Career)


Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore is currently facing trial before the state’s Court of the Judiciary after a judicial ethics panel called for his removal from the bench due to his efforts to defy the...Read more