Ladies and gentlemen, meet "President" Trump.

Well, we can wonder no more. Ever since it was announced, people have wondered what the hell was up with a “Thank America” rally tour. At least those paid to wonder in the media have, I think the...Read more

Donald Trump Is ‘Called To Be A Prophet’

Televangelist Jim Bakker chatted yesterday with three pro-Trump Religious Right figures, Don and Mary Colbert and Mark Taylor, about what’s in store for the country under a Trump presidency. When...Read more

Pharma Bro Throws Temper Tantrum Over Kids Who Made His Drug For $2: ‘I’m A Grown A** Man’

Martin Shkreli got slapped in his smug little face this week when a group of high school kids from Australia managed to create the same drug Shkreli jacked the price up on, for only $2. When Shkreli...Read more

Looking Forward To More False History, Courtesy Of David Barton

On today’s “Wallbuilders Live” radio program, right-wing pseudo-historian David Barton and his co-host Rick Green criticized the statement released by the White House on the death of Fidel Castro for...Read more

Carl Gallups: UN May Pave Way For Antichrist In Response To Donald Trump’s Victory

In an interview with Virginia talk radio host Rob Schilling on Monday, pro-Trump pastor Carl Gallups said that the recent presidential election has brought panic to the camp of “globalists” intent on...Read more

I wonder what prison will be like

By now, anyone who has been on this site during approximately 13 years since I first came here knows that I tend to be quite outspoken on issues about which I care. I care about a lot of issues. I do...Read more

How Donald Trump thinks about foreign policy

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This is the most dangerous part of electing Donald Trump. No one really knows what he's foreign policy is. If you think you know, please let me know in the comments.

House Science Committee Is Already Tweeting Debunked Garbage From Racist Websites

It was once safe to assume that official government entities would not tweet articles from white supremacist websites, but Trump’s election is proof that even the most stupid things imaginable are...Read more

Trump Is Panicking Over Recount Efforts, Files Motion To Block Pennsylvania

Trump has spent the past several days crying about how millions of illegals fraudulently voted and subsequently rigged the election to help Hillary win the popular vote, but if he truly thought that...Read more

Bill O'Reilly EXPLODES When Asked About Megyn Kelly's New Book

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Bill O'Reilly lost his mind when he was asked about Megyn Kelly's new book. I Guess he wanted them to only focus on his new children's book. Yes, Bill O'Reilly wrote a children's book.

Trump’s Health Secretary Pick Wants Medicare Phaseout By Summer 2017

As a medical doctor, Rep. Tom Price swore to do no harm, but he wants millions of Americans to be harmed over the next year. Medicare is a government safety net program that has been wildly...Read more

Only 80,000 Votes Separate Hillary From Trump Across Three Battleground States

Hillary Clinton ’s margin of defeat is so narrow in three states that recounts should occur in all of them. In more sobering news about the 2016 Election, it turns out that Donald Trump and Hillary...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up – 12/1/16

Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: The Gaines Brouhaha, BuzzFeed’s Gift to the Religious Right’s Martyr-Making Machinery. Warren Throckmorton: David Barton Criticizes the Accuracy of Bill O’...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 12/1/16

Dave Daubenmire declares that “Wikileaks has exposed for anyone who cares to see that the Luciferians are at work in the highest offices in the land. Hillary and her minions are deeply involved in...Read more

Elizabeth Warren is learning quickly.

I have always liked and admired Elizabeth Warren . She is as smart as they come, compassionate, passionate about her positions, and she takes shit from no one, especially Donald Trump. And best of...Read more

CNN Host Is Flabbergasted When Guests Insist California Let 3 Million Illegal Immigrants Vote

CNN host Alisyn Camerota was totally floored when her Trump supporting guests proclaimed that they firmly believe California “allowed” three million people to vote. And, of course, it’s all Obama’s...Read more

Tim Wildmon: Hillary Clinton Would Have Used The Government To Run Christian Broadcasters Out Of Business

The American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon continues to insist that America “avoided catastrophe” by electing Donald Trump instead of Hillary Clinton because Clinton was fully prepared to use the...Read more

The Corrupted, Co-opted Conflicter-in-Chief.

The Cabinet is becoming a House of Horrors, a mix of inexperience and wrong experience, from 1%ers to Medicare privateers to Islamaphobes even before Palin or Giuliani have found their seats. Twitter...Read more

Right-Wing Author Hopes President Trump Will Literally Dismantle The Stonewall Inn

Right-wing author Paul Hair, who recently co-wrote “Hating Jesus: The American Left’s War on Christianity” with anti-LGBT activist Matt Barber, has a new column up over at Barber’s BarbWire.com...Read more

Thank you, America

"Fascism should more properly be called 'corporatism' because it is the total merging of corporate and state power" Benito Mussolini, 1927  Are we there yet, Daddy? Oh yeah, sonny. We're there. You'...Read more

Michael Brown: Christians Who Accept Same-Sex Marriage Spread ‘Poison,’ Should Not Be Welcomed Into The Church

Anti-LGBT activist Michael Brown weighed in earlier this month on the controversy surrounding Jen Hatmaker, a popular evangelical author whose publisher pulled her books from its stores after she...Read more

Is Trump about to give away his day job?

Welcome back boys and girls, lovely to see you again. Everyone is talking about Trump’s fact free tweets that he will hold a press conference with his children on December 15th, along with his...Read more

Please help Zen Trainer and keep her in your prayers. This is personal for me.

First of all, my many great thanks to Sara R for her excellent DIARY yesterday about Zen Trainer and her upcoming surgery. ZT had shared with me a couple of weeks ago her frustration with the thought...Read more

Joy Reid Goes OFF After NY Magazine Says Not To ‘Offend’ Trump-Supporting Racists (TWEETS)

If there’s one thing that is obvious when we observe Donald Trump and his horde of meth-addled, uneducated supporters: it’s that they are perfectly willing to dish out the hate but can’t handle...Read more

SPECIAL EVENT - The 2016 Presidential Election

Join Upside Downtrodden for their inaugural SPECIAL EVENT episode. The SPECIAL EVENT series will explore topics outside the scheduled podcast. In this episode, Sean and Scott discuss The 2016...Read more

High School Students Toss A HUGE F*ck You to Martin Shkreli, Develop His $750 Drug for $2

Martin Shkreli, also known as the “Pharma Bro,” became one of the world’s most hated men last year when he purchased a life-saving drug and jacked the price up from $13.50 to $750 — per pill. But now...Read more

As President, Trump Can Send You Propaganda In Unblockable Text Messages

It’s a system that is supposed to only be used during emergencies, but that probably won’t stop Donald Trump from using it to attack people anyway. Not only will Trump have the codes to America’s...Read more

With Trump, the fun never stops!

You know, I don’t know about you, but whenever I watch the Trump circus trying to stumble and fumble their way through the cabinet filling process, a musical soundtrack just automatically goes...Read more

‘Not Racist’ Kids’ Doctor Busted Posting Horrible Comments About Michelle Obama’s ‘Monkey Face’

A Colorado University professor who works at Denver Health Medical Center, Children’s Hospital should be fired after posting a racist attack on social media. Dr. Michelle Herren, apparently...Read more