Trump Just Used A Quote From A Batman Villain In His Inauguration Speech (VIDEO)

Our newly minted alleged president says he hates Hollywood, but he just stole a quote from supervillain Bane in the 2012 film “The Dark Knight Rises” to use in his inauguration speech Friday. Trump...Read more

Trump’s Assault On LGBT Rights Begins With The White House Website (DETAILS)

The Trump administration is only a couple of hours old, and already we can see where their first assault on civil rights will go: right at the LGBTQ community. The evidence of this is right on the...Read more

Trump Couldn’t Get Enough People To His Inauguration, So He Used Pictures From Obama’s Instead (IMAGE)

It’s now official. Donald J. Trump is the 45th President of the United States of America. And to commemorate his victory, his uber-sharp transition team displayed an inspiring photo from the...Read more

Trump ACCIDENTALY Admits He Didn’t Win Election Fair And Square During Pre-Inauguration Dinner (VIDEO)

On Thursday, during a pre-inauguration candlelight dinner, President-elect Donald Trump unconsciously admitted to a roomful of his wealthiest supporters that he didn’t win the election honestly...Read more

We Must Always Be With You: The Need For Interfaith Solidarity in Trump’s America

Reposted from the Shoulder To Shoulder Campaign ——– Among the many gifts with which humanity has been imbued, none are as worthy of our awe and gratitude as the seemingly boundless capacity with...Read more

An early warning for "President" Trump.

Here’s the warning. Watch your ass buddy. You’re not a candidate anymore. You’re not the Republican nominee anymore. You’re not even the President Elect anymore. No more fun and games, your salad...Read more

WATCH: Colbert Bids Farewell To Pres. Obama; Says What We’re ALL Thinking

Before he was the host of CBS’s The Late Show , liberal comedian Stephen Colbert had a show on Comedy Central called The Colbert Report. On that show, Colbert pretended to be an ultra right-wing...Read more

Robert De Niro MERCILESSLY Rips Trump’s Twitter Habit And It’s GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

On Thursday night, documentary filmmaker and anti-Trump resistance leader held a gigantic protest right outside of Trump’s hotel in New York City. In attendance were throngs and throngs of Resistance...Read more

Melania Just Made SHOCKING Blunder On Eve Of Inauguration, America REPULSED

It’s time for Melania Trump to be the first lady of the United States and the role is extremely vital to the country. The position is not only defined by its duties but also by the occupant. For...Read more

Trump Finds New Heartless Way To Victimize Women That’s Going To Make You SICK (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump’s transition team has announced plans for the administration to enact deep federal spending cuts totaling over 10 trillion dollars over the next decade. The Hill reports...Read more

Sorry, I gotta get this off of my chest.

Anybody who knows me knows that I’m not easily offended. Part of it is past job and sports decisions I’ve made. If you’re a standup comic and you can’t take occasional taunts and heckling, you’re in...Read more

Oath Keepers Coming To DC For ‘Covert’ Inauguration Protection Mission

Before the presidential election this year, the antigovernment group Oath Keepers held a webinar on how members could respond to various dire election-related scenarios, including “provacateured post...Read more

Au Revoir, Mr. Prez!

Casting my vote, 2008 ` So much has happened. It might as well have been fifty years ago; at least, that's how it seems to me. On the night that Barack Obama was elected on November 4, 2008, the...Read more

Right Wing Round-Up – 1/19/17

Paul Gordon @ The Huffington Post: Democrats Must Do What They Can to Protect the Supreme Court and the Nation. Molly Hensley-Clancy @ BuzzFeed: DeVos “Never Consented” To Be Listed On Board Of...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 1/19/17

WND explains how things would have been so much better if President Obama had never been born. Todd Starnes, who endlessly fumed about everything Obama did, is now mocking liberals for suffering from...Read more

POTUS Shield to Maximum!

We reported earlier this week that a group of Trump-supporting dominionists has launched a POTUS Shield project to protect Trump and his presidency from his enemies. They’ve now posted video from...Read more

Todd Starnes Prays That The Media Will ‘Reject Fake News And Embrace The Good News’ Of Jesus Christ

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes was among the Religious Right activists who participated in a prayer event in Washington, D.C., ahead of Donald Trump’s inauguration today, and used his time to pray...Read more

Trump Taps Anti-Gay, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Mormon Pastor Robert Jeffress For Prayer Service

According to a CNN report today, Southern Baptist pastor Robert Jeffress “is scheduled to preach at a private service for President-elect Trump and his family on Friday, shortly before Trump takes...Read more

James Robison Hopes ‘Humble’ And ‘Meek’ Trump Will ‘Point Everyone To The Ultimate Father’

Hundreds of conservative Christians gathered at Greater New Hope Baptist Church in Washington, D.C., today for a “special inauguration prayer event” organized by The Jefferson Gathering, a Religious...Read more

10 Reasons To Be Worried That Andrew Napolitano Is Advising Donald Trump On Supreme Court Nominations

On Wednesday, Fox News host Andrew Napolitano met with President-elect Donald Trump; Napolitano later said he used the meeting to offer Trump advice about his choice to fill the vacant seat on the...Read more

BREAKING: Trump Announces Elimination Of ENTIRE Government Agency, America DISGUSTED

Donald Trump is planning on leaving his mark on America and thus far the impact he’s having appears to be negative, polling very low as he takes his presidential oath. That’s because some of his...Read more

Former Trump Campaign Manager: No Republican Ever Questioned Obama’s Legitimacy

Corey Lewandowski, who managed Donald Trump’s presidential campaign during the primary season and recently launched his own lobbying firm, appeared on “The John Fredericks Show” this week to discuss...Read more

Michele Bachmann Predicts Obama Will Issue ‘Blank Pardon’ For Entire Clinton Family

Speaking with “Trending Today USA” host Rusty Humphries yesterday, former Republican congresswoman and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann declared that Hillary Clinton should be in jail and said...Read more

BREAKING: Chelsea Manning Responds To Obama After News of Upcoming Release From Prison

Chelsea Manning, the U.S. army private serving a 35-year prison sentence for leaking classified documents, has thanked President Barack Obama for commuting her sentence. Manning, who was convicted...Read more

Virginia HD-21. Tom Brock is "Fired up! Ready to go!"

This is what I like to see! Recently I wrote a candidate diary about our very own Ken Boddye, a non politician taking the plunge and running for the Virginia House of Delegates. And now there’s...Read more

Upside Downtrodden - episode 153


Who knew Trump was into Sir Isaac Newton?

I’m lucky, I’ll still be sleeping at 9:01 AM PST when the Not So Great Pumpkin lurches us to the edge of the abyss. Hell, by the time I get up, the parade should be over, and it’ll be all reruns, all...Read more

CIA puts a lot of stuff online

Everyday the Washington Post sends out an email known as the Daily 202 (the numbers representing the area code for DC0, covering political and related news, some of which is in the paper, some of...Read more

A piece on John Lewis etc I strongly urge you to read

was written by David Remnick in The New Yorker . It is titled John Lewis, Donald Trump, and the Meaning of Legitimacy , and was occasioned by what happened over the weekend starting with Rep. Lewis’s...Read more