Should Chuck Todd apologizes for saying Alison Lundergan Grimes "disqualified herself" for not disclosing who she voted for in 2008?

57% (15 votes)
34% (9 votes)
Not Sure
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 26

US Imposes Restrictions On Travelers From West Africa

The Obama administration has imposed what looks like a compromise between the people demanding a prohibition on all travel to the US from West Africa and the medical community who are saying that such a ban would be counter productive.


I Want a Future ...Ad by my 9 year old

We know climate change is real.  We know Rick Scott is destroying the environment.
We know my 9 year old has a passion for and started Love Our Land Awareness.


Ebola Update: Open Letter from Fidel Castro and a Missed Meeting Today

The missed meeting does matter. Our buildings/tents/generators and their medical people -- a natural.

How long is this plan going to take to get rolling ???


To Grimes: You Can Go to Far

I just wanted to share some excellent reporting from local reporter Joe Sonka on the Grimes-McConnell race.


US Military Organizing Emergency Ebola Response Team For US

The pentagon is in the process of deploying up to 4000 service members to provide support and assistance in fighting the ebola epidemic in West Africa.


As Above So Below: Tea Party Hate In Michigan


Ebola: Can't Anybody Here Play This Game?

In 1962, the expansion New York Mets finished their first season 40-120. They trailed league-leading San Francisco by an astonishing 60½ games. They suffered the most number of losses of any major league team since 1899!


Gay Friendly Catholic Church Ain't Happening

A few days ago there was there was a flurry of excitement over a preliminary draft of a report from the RCC synod of family life.


Take Politics Out of Ebola Crisis


Pro-democracy protests heat up in Hong Kong

Hong Kong (CNN) -- Pro-democracy demonstrators seized back part of Hong Kong's bustling Mong Kok district Saturday after a night of scuffles.


Religious Right Will Attempt To Apply Hobby Lobby Case To Same Sex Marriage

Most conservative religious groups are now forced to confront the reality that the tide has turned on marriage equality. It has now become legal in a majority of states.


Minimum wage should be much higher


Bárðarbunga: I Am An Idiot

So, yesterday I went out to my land and did some touchups on my crate. Then having another hour or two of light, I decided to do some long-overdue repairs on my windbreak.


Friday Wis News Dump: How RW Federal Judge Randa Got Campaign Coordination Case (It's Disgusting)

In my recent diary on the shocking ruling that it's just fine for dark money groups with anonymous donors to coordinate directly


White House Ebola news and why "Saturation" numbers for Africa remain unspoken

We are told that all is well. Meanwhile millions of Africans are going to die over the next five years and what comes to mind for me is Ralph Steadman.

Here's the All's Well town crier:


Legal Authorities For Fighting An Epidemic

The US does not yet have an ebola epidemic. West Africa has a very serious ebola epidemic. The US has just a few confirmed cases of the disease. Steps are being taken to contain those cases so that they do not provide the spark that creates an epidemic.


A New Low for Rick Scott. Upsetting Abuse Victim Charity by running a Mocking ad !


Top Comments: Average Voter Edition



Houston' Lesbian Mayor In Conflict With Right Wing Preachers

I hadn't heard anything about Houston Mayor Annise Parker recently. The last I remember was when the city council passed a human rights ordinance that ruffled the fundie feathers. Now they are trying to get a measure on the ballot to repeal it.


U.S. Senate Midterm Selection Contest


Asian Men: Tech Industry Cannon Fodder

US tech companies have been able to sustain growth and expansion in an economic landscape with few really bright spots in employment opportunities. There has been an ongoing debate about the difficulties that women and minorities face in breaking into the tech club.


CDC Fumbling Does Not Inspire Calm And Confidence

When it first became apparent that ebola had arrived in the US I was one of several people who was urging people to listen to and follow the advice of the CDC.


Michael Brown and the Black Conundrum


The Disease Unease Trapeze

Ebola causes suffering in Liberia and Sierra Leone, but America’s response to the crisis is limited, more likely to spend money bombing the Middle East than containing a real threat in Africa.


Upside Downtrodden - episode 100




Bárðarbunga: Lava Flow Expanding Near The Vents; Small Quakes Increasing In Abundance

Sæl og blessuð. Sorry for the delay! My new hard drive is up and restored, replacing the old one that crashed; I simply missed a bit of Míla recording time.


Crist had a fan at his feet and Rick Scott threw a temper tantrum

Rick Scott's Mama would be so proud.  At the debate, after not showing up for 7 minutes because Charlie Crist had an electronic device at the debate. Crist had  A small 10.00 fan for cooling at the podium.


Ebola Question: Are We Facing "Challenger" Problems Dealing With Ebola ???

Prior to the "Challenger" disaster in 1986 the people who ran the space program thought they knew it all.

Then bad things happened:



Former Republican speechwriter John Avlon pulls no punches when he writes about his former teammates if we're to judge by the title of his most recent book: Wingnuts.