Top Comments: We Got Played Edition


Considering how often we write Top Comments (someone does it every night 365 days a year), where do all the ideas come from? All over the place. Tonight mine came from here , a comment I submitted as a Top...More

"Islamic" versus "Islamist." Republicans and Israel's Likudniks do their damnedest to help ISIS


"Islamic" is the generic term. Used properly it applies to all practicing Muslims regardless of country, sect, race, or sex. "Islamist," on the other hand, should only be applied to Fundamentalists of the Sunni sect and specifically to the Salafis,...More

Florida’s Public Health Care System Part II

"No different from tens of millions of disabled Americans, my medical needs are dependent upon publicly financed institutions" . . . As a resident of South Florida, I’ve come to know the VA medical facility in Miami all too well...More

Protocol? I don't need no stinkin' protocol!

Another Oops...Jeb... Jeb..Jeb...Here comes the dirt !


Lobby, Medicare, Florida, terms like this guy is just getting started and has more enemies than even I imagined. I read a piece today at Crooks and Liars and well well, Jeb is making news in all kinds of...More

March Madness: Beat Obama

Scott Walker: Friday News Dump


Wis Gov Scott Walker (R-Dark Side of the Force) So much dump, so little time.... Flippity Floppity After bullshitting telling voters that he didn't want to extend his public employee union busting record to the private sector and maintaining that...More

POST #577: Random Observations


Abover: Smoking more and enjoying it less -2/20/15 ` What you have here are nothing more than a series of aimless comments that I had posted on other websites or out in the Facebooksphere. Writing this blog is often more...More

OR-Sen: DFA Wants You To Call Wyden's (D) Office & Tell Him Not To Sell Us Out On The TPP


Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: Earlier this week, we learned that Oregon Senator Ron Wyden may join Republican Senator Orrin Hatch to introduce Fast Track authority for the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- even though passing it would undermine...More

Selfishness, Self-government Don't Mix


church and state

In a way, religious conservatives are right when they say the separation of church and state is a "myth." In religion, as in liberal democracy, the aim is the same: the triumph of the self over selfish passion and ambition...More



Description : 

My Fellow Americans;

My name is Darrell E. Robinson Sr., I currently reside in Napoleon, Ohio and i'm trying to get on the ballet under the American Party Committee to be your next president in 2016 ,can use all the help i can get.


Jeb in favor of the Iraq war via email 2003...Ooops !!!

No matter how hard Jeb tries to distance himself from his brother's policies and the Iraq War, he won't be able to. The Tampa Bay Times has recovered an email exchange between Jeb and a Florida resident that warned Jeb...More

Rudy Giuliani says Obama Doesn't love America.

Better to be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt.

Top Comments: Dark Side of the Moon Edition


No, not this Dark Side of the Moon..... I'm talking about the real dark side of the real moon (fabulous article with outstanding animation). Many people use the phrase "the dark side of the moon" to describe something mysterious and...More

Why I disagree with making Tiger Lily white in the new Peter Pan Movie


Tiger Lily

Today I took my kids to the movies with the intentions to see Paddington Bear. But the show time for that movie was later in the day then I anticipated. So we saw SpongeBob instead. While we waited for the...More

Roy Moore: Poster Boy For the Separation Clause

Roy Moore and his Ten Commandments

The First Amendment protects some of our most cherished -- and unappreciated-- rights that we have. Among these is the free exercise of religion. However, the First Amendment also says that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of...More

The Winter of Our Malcontents


An Alabama judge is pissed at same-sex marriage. A Texas judge is ticked at compassionate immigration policy. Rudy Giuliani thinks President Obama doesn’t love America. Boehner would defund homeland security over the president’s proposed immigration actions. The GOP is holding...More

Scott Walker Loses Education Control Fight in Court

scott walker

Still just as dumb as he looks. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R-DonateBigMoneyToMeAndI'llDoYourBidding) has a sad today. A unanimous state appeals court on Thursday deemed unconstitutional a portion of a 2011 law that gave Gov. Scott Walker the ability to halt...More

MO-Sen: Jeff Merkley (D. OR) Helps Jason Kander (D) Get Ready To Take On Roy Blunt (R)


Jeff Merkley

Received this e-mail today from Senator Jeff Merkley (D. OR) in support of Secretary of State Jason Kander's (D. MO) U.S. Senate campaign: If you’ve never heard of Jason Kander, the Secretary of State in Missouri, get ready: You’re going...More

Courting Honesty in Politics

The idea that we put the term “honest politician” in quotations seems to suggest it is more idealistic than realistic. Listening to a speech or watching a debate can be frustrating. Amidst all the ambiguous rhetoric, fallacious claims and ploys...More

CBS News Wants to be Fox Lite: Jeb Bush's Foreign Policy Speech


 Scott Pelley

CBS News clearly wants to be Fox Propaganda Lite. Scott Pelley breathlessly claimed that Jeb Bush separated himself from big brother George with regards to foreign policy. However, as pointed out by many others not kissing Bush's ass, there was...More

Daily User Generated Political Writing Contest


Political Writing Contest

It's that time again! All political related content posted on 2/19/15 (12am est) - 3/1/15 (11:59pm est) is eligible to win a custom limited edition tee-shirt. And no. It will not be branded. The rules are simple, post and share...More

OR-Sen: DFA Goes After Ron Wyden (D) On The TPP


Senator Ron Wyden

Received this e-mail today from Democracy for America: We've just learned that the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- the trade deal, negotiated in secret, that many are calling "NAFTA on steroids" -- may have an important new Democratic ally. Oregon Senator Ron...More

Michael Morrell (CIA, CBS Division) goes on Charlie Rose with anti-semitism claims against Iran


"The Supreme Leader, Ali Khameini, recently called Israelis 'animals.'" Really? Or not so really? The actual quote from Farsi says something quite different: With respect to the recent war in Gaza: "Israel is a beast carrying out a genocide. She...More

Twitter News: Massive Explosion at Exxon Refinery


Exxon confirmed that there had been an "incident" at the refinery but it did not offer further details. Here are a few images from Twitter. “ @Surfrid Mon in WV: Oil train explodes. Tue in NE: Coal train derails. Wed...More

Almost Presidents Day: Counting Down A Century’s Worth of First Losers From Best To Worst

Mitt Romney

At the beginning of the day, you stand on the verge of becoming the most powerful person on the planet; by the end of it, you’re unemployed and being forced to make a speech expressing humility and gratitude for losing...More