Authoritarianism On Display Pt 3


The pessimism within significant sectors of the GOP is more than the unhappiness partisans typically feel when the other side is in power. It’s rooted in a belief that things have fundamentally...


Trump is getting crazier and crazier!


Secret Service nixes guns at GOP convention

Rally in West Allis, Pwning

In Line for Bernie's Rally in West Allis, Pwning a Reporter Live, and Poll Results Are In

Yesterday was eventful. As noted in my last piece , held a rally near my home in West Allis, Wisconsin last night. My 70 year old cousin and I made plans to go as soon as it was...


Message To The Front Page. Dear God, Give It A Rest.


Look, I know you just love talking about Donald Trump and the Republican Party. I get it, really I do, they are fucking nuts, fine, great. But my god, if you just glimpse at it, it is Trump central...


There's Another Reason for Feigned Media Stupidity


Eric Boehlert of Media Matters always does a great job IMHO. And he brings up the fact that Dan Balz of the Washington Post has supposedly seen the light when it comes to the Republican Party’s...

Hillary Baggers

Which group is the most mind-numbingly stupid with regards to politics? Hillary-Baggers or Tea-Baggers?

heroin epidemic

The Dead Are Always Drug-Free: Why An Abstinence-Only Approach Will Never End The Heroin Epidemic


Heroin is not alcohol. This might seem like a fairly obvious and even ridiculous point to make, but there are so many people in our courts, our governments, our treatment centers and our recovery...

Donald Trump compensating

Is Donald Trump desperately trying to compensate for the fact that he has a really really really TINY PENIS?

Thousands gather in Madison

On, Wisconsin. The Bernie Ball is in Our Court

It’s up to us to bring Bernie a win in Wisconsin on April 5. Not only that, but to continue down ballot to elect Democrats in our local elections and put Joanne Kloppenburg on the State Supreme Court...

bernie sanders

How I went From Bernie to Bernie To Bernie

I voted for him as my States single Representative. I voted for him as one of our 2 senators. I voted for him in our primary. What I really hope to be able to do is go to him again and vote for him...

Dems v.s Reps

The Decline Of The Two Main Parties


From Gallup Around 30% are registered Democrats. Around 26% are registered Republicans. Around 43% identify as Independents, a record. A hint, many of this 43% is not in the center to be triangulated...


Cruz challenges Trump to a duel!

LGBTQ School Safety

MDE Issues Guideline For LGBTQ School Safety and the MI GOP Reacts Predictably: Comment By May 11


About a month ago Michigan public school teachers attended mandatory professional development sessions on providing safe learning environments for LGBTQ students. The program caused enough discussion...

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton wins 2 out of 3 caucuses today, should Bernie Sanders dropout?

87% (169 votes)
13% (25 votes)
Not Sure
1% (1 vote)
Total votes: 195
Bernie Sanders with his fist in the air

Will a Bernie Sanders primary sweep today irreversible change the momentum in his favor?

83% (140 votes)
14% (24 votes)
Not Sure
2% (4 votes)
Total votes: 168

Top Comments: We Have Met the Enemy and S/He is Us Edition


We are often our own worst enemy. Environmentally, we’re an ongoing disaster, a slow motion train wreck we can’t seem to stop. We’re the only species that fouls its own nest. It comes back to bite us...


Getting Out In Front of a Disaster


Wow. Conservatives never cease to amaze me. David Brooks is already peddling himself as some kind of post Trump apocalyptic seer . Seems that conservatives ran out of ideas a long time ago, but David...

Richard Nixon and John Ehrlichman

Just Say Whoah! Nixon's War On Blacks


"You want to know what this is really all about? The Nixon campaign in 1968, and the Nixon White House after that, had two enemies: the anti-war left and black people. You understand what I'm saying...

President Obama

President Obama drops the mic on Ted Cruz

President Obama once again responded to Ted Cruz's proposal that we monitor all Muslims in the United States. His response was breathtaking! "As far as the notion of having surveillance of...


Brussels’ Bombs to Bullies’ Bombast


Fatal bombings in Brussels, Ankara and Istanbul are met with mourning around the globe, but Trump and Cruz choose sinister over somber as they race to throw in bombs on their own. Trump triumphs by...

Hillary Clinton

Will the Democratic base support Hillary Clinton in November?

Hillary Clinton

Can Hillary Clinton win over the left in November?

donald Trump

Republicans Could Be About To Self Destruct

They could be on the verge of actually creating a third party through sheer stupidity. If they dump Trump at the convention he will for sure run as a third candidate in the general election, out of...

george bush

"Bring em on" equaled ISIS..Republicans why panic? This was your guy and party !


I get so angry at a party that wants to nuke and specifically of Cruz wanting to police the streets because they are so afraid of Terrorism. Hey Panty wadders...it was your guy and your party that...

donald Trump

Authoritarianism On Display Pt 2

Authoritarianism is not a new, untested concept in the American electorate. Since the rise of Nazi Germany, it has been one of the most widely studied ideas in social science. While its causes are...

jeb bush and ted cruz

Will Jeb Bush's endorsement of Ted Cruz ensure Donald Trump is the GOP nominee?


Cruz on patrol in "Muslim" neighborhood

Susannah Randolph

Oh Susannah !


This is this week’s featured candidate for Florida. Meet Susannah Randolph. Susannah is running for the congressional seat that is open due to Alan Grayson’s bid for the Senate. She is in District 9...

Bernie Sanders

Do you think Bernie Sanders is better equipped to deal with a terrorist attack vs. Hillary Clinton?