Policing the Police - A "How To" By An Expert, Detective Frank Serpico


The Clintons Are Running For President: Against Barack Obama

MSM & alternative media agree on one thing this election year. Polling changes do little to change ideological intransigence. Fox News declared McConnell the winner of the debate in Kentucky last Monday night, while the dailykos.com focused on his weaknesses.

The Kentucky Senate Race Is On Fire!


Bárðarbunga: Mist Back In Reykjavík, Mass Evacuations Near Cerro Negro, Unrest in Japan


New York and New Jersey Impose Mandatory Quarantines For Travelers


Political News and Views! The Choice is yours!


Federal Government Considering Quarantine For Health Workers Returning From West Africa


Clinton and Warren Attempt To Prop Up Another sinking Coakley Campaign


Rick Scott skips depo today in California to attend Fundraiser..Contempt anyone?


Iraq and ISIS: Are the RW "Experts" condemned to eternal ignorance ???




Illinois Wasting Millions on Another Coal-to-Gas Pork Project


Updated: Reports Of A Jihadist Terror Network In Canada


US Government Places More Restrictions On Travelers From Three African Countries


So many Skeletons in Rick Scott's closet..so little time


The Threat of Right-Wing Errorists


Daniele Watts Charged With Lewd Conduct


Generation of Idealistic Reporters Was Bradlee's Legacy


Bárðarbunga: One's Benefit, Another's Loss (little update)


Scott Walker Whines as 16,000 John Doe Emails Released (and Karl Rove Dives in, too)


Should Chuck Todd apologizes for saying Alison Lundergan Grimes "disqualified herself" for not disclosing who she voted for in 2008?

57% (15 votes)
34% (9 votes)
Not Sure
7% (2 votes)
Total votes: 26

US Imposes Restrictions On Travelers From West Africa


I Want a Future ...Ad by my 9 year old


Ebola Update: Open Letter from Fidel Castro and a Missed Meeting Today


To Grimes: You Can Go to Far


US Military Organizing Emergency Ebola Response Team For US


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