This is how you reply to terrorism. Antoine Leiris


My less powerful addition You don’t surrender who you are You become more. You don’t surrender And join the forces of hatred. You welcome who you are You become stronger And love deeper...Read more


Go On Republicans Disgust Me Some More. I Triple Dog Dare You.


Refusing asylum Proposing mass deportation Praising the detention of Americans of Japanese descent in WWII Practicing religious extremism Proposing extermination Then pretending you give a shit about...Read more


Lille: How To Deal With Right Wingers


This is how you deal with the purveyors of fear and loathing. I hope to see more of this throughout Europe.Read more


Good Grief. I haven't been looking at the US for a few days........

I must admit I have been paying very little attention to American Politics for the last few days. Thankfully, since they more than match some of worst of Europe’s extreme right. I agree with...Read more


Big Man On Campus: How Bernie Sanders Is Trying To Lock Down The College Vote in Iowa

If you’re looking for an American city that embodies the myriad successes and shortcomings of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign, you could do worse than Cedar Falls, Iowa. Located in...Read more


They Don't Know Hate


A Muslim, a European,and a Southerner are walking down the Blvd. Actually, they are running, and its Mardi Gras, and they are seven and innocent and enjoying the lights off the floats as they pass...Read more


Presidential Candidates on Allowing Syrian Refugees in the United States


For Allowing Syrian Refugees All three of the Democratic candidates for president favor allowing the resettlement of refugees in the United States, with HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON and MARTIN O’...Read more


Syria's War: Who is fighting and why


If you are interested in really understanding the Syria conflict, please watch this video. There's so much misinformation floating around, so it's important for people to have the facts!...Read more


Agreeing With Dominique De Villepin, Yet Again, Dammit


Some may remember Dominique De Villepin from 2003 when he refused to allow France to join in G W Bush’s war of choice in Iraq. In response to this question, France has two convictions: The...Read more


Top Comments: Some Tips to Make DK 5 a bit Easier




We Are At War


François Hollande Now let us extend the State of Emergency by three months. Let us hide behind our borders. Let us change the constitution about nationality. I am a dual national, what...Read more


Blockade of Chicago Petcoke Facility Calls for Green Jobs Instead of Toxic Fossil Fuels


Seven community members and concerned citizens are blockading entrances to the Koch Carbon Transfer Terminal (KCBX) on Chicago's Southeast side. The blockade began at 8am Monday morning. By 9am...Read more


Upside Downtrodden - episode 126


EPISODE 126 TOPIC: FOOD EPISODE 126 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - JUSTLABELIT.ORG, LISTS, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which...Read more


Now What? More Of The Same?


How many freedoms will we give away this time, will wire fences go up between every European Country, will we fall back into the false safe haven of nationalism? Europe just seventy five years ago...Read more


A Bizarre And Terrible Morning

The shock occurred last night

From calm to chaos.

The morning after surreal

Much will be said.

Much will be shouted.

I know my thoughts.

For the moment


MSF Kunduz: Non Update Update


Report here . The MSF internal review describes patients burning in their beds, medical staff that were decapitated and lost limbs, and others who were shot from the air while they fled the burning...Read more


Poppy's Revenge

"The big mistake that was made was letting Cheney bring in kind of his own State Department. I think they overdid that. But it's not Cheney's fault. It's the president's fault...Read more


Republicans Are The Scum Of The Earth


Don’t worry I won’t make any exceptions, there are none to make. Racists Sexists Bigots All. The lowest of the low in my book, oh, I might offend some of these mouth breathers; so what,...Read more


Missouri Loves Company


Mizzou students rise against racism and indifference, leading to resignations and more confrontations. And from Ithaca College to Yale University, more campuses are wrestling with racial tension...Read more


President Trump = A Deportation Nightmare

So you want to deport over 11 million people “humanely”? Where do you send them? How do you get them to go voluntarily? You don’t think many will resist? How do you overcome the...Read more


Why Bernie Sanders Was Right To Ignore Question On Religion

I am so tired of candidates of all stripes being asked about religion, all bar one trumpets their faith, Bernie Sanders, he argues more on what their religious teachings/principles are about; helping...Read more


Know all about how useful lyrics search engine can be to music lovers!


Do you agree with Chris Christie that instead of disarming convicted domestic abusers, we should just arm domestic violence victims?


My Apologies- A dyslexics problems with D-KOS 5. I worked out where 'My' problem lies.

I have spent some time adjusting the font density, background color and intensity for D-Kos and have something legible.


Click to know all about health care with medicare advantage plans


In this global era of ever growing population and pollution, it is of utmost importance that one has a proper and well covered health care plan. Though initially, this whole concept of health care...Read more


Medicare insurance: A perfect package for senior citizens


Healthcare has always been a very important segment in one’s life. Rather one can easily say that without a proper healthcare it is not quite possible to go ahead in one’s life. One has...Read more


VIDEO: Insane Christian Fundamentalist Attacks Starbucks for their Holiday Cup Design


The war on Christmas rhetoric has finally started. Can you feel the holiday spirit wash over you.....LOLOLOLOL! Lets put a stop to this hate by taking over Joshua Feuerstein ( @TheEvangelist ) hastag...Read more


Game Called On Account Of Systemic Injustice: Missouri’s Football Team Boycotts Bigotry On Campus


*Editor’s Note: University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned from his position at around the same time this article was posted* ——————– Today,...Read more


Make benefits Equal for Veterans


We have a real problem with discrimination among the veteran community. The issue is the differences shown between pre 9-11 and post 9-11 veterans. Let me make this perfectly clear immediately. A...Read more


Thanking you with a broken heart !

Thanking you so very much.

 I just want to thank all who helped me during this time of grief.  I have a long