As I dust myself off... Veterans Day 2014


Gorbachev: New Cold War


So You Say You’re Pro Life ?


NV-Sen: LDS Bishop Claims Harry Reid (D) Isn't A Worthy Mormon


We Can't Separate Culture Issues From Economic Issues


OH-Sen: Rob Portman (R), "Paul Ryan would be great president"


Traditional America Is Ending? Really?

You Mean This Traditional America Is Ending?

Traditional American Indians, who were here first, and who have been fighting against genocide for over 400 years?


Immigration : Make your voice heard !


FL-Sen: Marco Rubio (R) To Announce Presidential Decision In The Upcoming Weeks

Here's something to look forward to:


All Illinois Democrats have to do for re-election is govern like Democrats

There's a simple lesson for Illinois Democrats from the Tuesday election. If you want to get re-elected as a Democrat in Illinois all you have to do is govern like a liberal Democrat.


UT-Sen: Mike Lee (R) Says GOP Lack Sweeping Legislative Mandate But Should Enact It Anyway


So Now What?


NC-Sen: Wired Explains How Pro-NSA Chair Richard Burr (R) May Not Be As Powerful As We Think


GA-Sen: Johnny Isakson (R) Wants To Get Rid Of The Nuclear Option

Senator Johnny Isakson (R. GA) recently discussed what he wants to do in the U.S. Senate now that the GOP has control:


ISIS in Iraq: Bandar Bush's Psychos Start Slaughtering Sunni Civilians. 220+ Murdered at Ramadi

Didn't you just love it when President George W. Bush walked hand in hand with his favorite Saudi potentate ???


Was The Election Good News For Hillary Clinton?


I'm angry - and you aren't doing anything about it.


AZ-Sen: John McCain (R) 'Pleads' With Obama Not To Act Unilaterally On Immigration

Oh course he would:


Top Comments: Thank You Edition



What are the chances that the Democratic party will retake the Senate in 2016?


Predictable Political Analysis from the Usual Suspects

While waiting for a football or basketball game to come on TV, I end up listening to part of Hardball on MSNBC.  I know I shouldn't, but it is one way to hear the usual empty headed Beltway political analysis, especially from Chris Matthews who channels David Broder and all things centrist.


Boehner Throws Down The Gauntlet On Immigration

The Republican leadership is wasting no time in using their new position of strength to begin issuing demands. At the top of the list was a naked threat to Obama on the issue of immigration.


Good News in Iraq: Jurf al-Sakhar Surrounded and Retaken from ISIS.

November 5, 2014.

Jurf al-Sakhar is a city of 80,000 on a line from Baghdad going south-by-southwest toward Karbala. Back in early June an ISIS attack group took the city unopposed. Since then this was their base for raids and suicide attacks into southern Iraq.


China Steps Up In Ebola Fight


Feud Between Obama And Senate Democrats Erupts After Defeat

The Washington post has an interesting article which makes the claim that relationships between Obama and senate Democratic leaders have long been rocky and that a public statement made by Harry Reid's chief of staff David Krone on Tuesday exposes the conflict to public view.


Looking Left and Right: Threat Or Opportunity?

The prospect that one’s empirical arguments will be shown to be false creates the identity-threatening risk for her that she or others will come to fo


Election -- or Ejection?

Voters made it clear: for higher minimum wages,
pro-choice, anti-gun and pro pot legalization --
and they also gave the Republicans a landslide.


KY-Sen: Dem Strategist & MSNBC Guest, "Rand Paul (R) takes more positions than the Kama Sutra."

We didn't defeat McConnell but I'm looking forward to writing more about this clown:


PA-Sen: Ed Rendell (D), "I would love to be a Dem running against an incumbent GOP Senator in 2016"


Southern Illinois asks legislative committee to reject weak fracking rules

Yesterday Illinois was facing an environmental and economic crisis from fracking that was greenwashed by a Democratic Governor who told us regulation can make it safe.