Brussels Terrorist Attack

After the terrorist attacks in Brussels and Turkey, what Presidential candidate is most prepared to handle the threat on day one?


Ted Cruz names two despicable men to his national security advisory team; there are others, equally despicable, there as well

anti-Trump campaign

Who Are They Kidding?

This story from the New York Times is almost funny, if I already didn’t know the punch line. The so called “anti-Trump campaign” from the GOP Establishment runs to the NY Times with some Winston...

The Politicus Podcast Episode 2 Bernie vs. Hillary

The Politicus Podcast Episode 2 Bernie vs. Hillary

This podcast focuses on the Democratic race and a recent poll I published on The Politicus about whether or not should drop out of the race. Polls Mentioned: Is it time for Bernie...

Marco Rubio

The Media Kiss of Death


Sahil Kapur has a great political obituary on Marco Rubio. I was also thinking of the BS that Steve Schmidt put out on MSNBC when Rubio crashed and burned on Tuesday. Schmidt described Rubio as “...

ron paul supporters

Is This Just More of the Fevered Dreams of Journalists?


Rachel Maddow had an interesting story about Ron Paul supporters and the shit they pulled back in 2012 against Mitt Romney. I vaguely recall that Ron Paul had managed to snatch delegates through one...

Hillary and the mass media

Will you allow mass media and the DNC to shove Hillary down our throats?

bernie sanders

Polls show Hillary cannot defeat Trump in November but Sanders can, with a Trump Candidacy seeming inevitable, Is it time for Hillary Clinton to drop out and endorse Bernie Sanders?

94% (2766 votes)
6% (187 votes)
Total votes: 2953
Bernie Sanders

Is it time for Democrats to tell Corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton to DROP OUT of the presidential race and endorse the only REAL FDR Democrat running.....Bernie Sanders? Y or N

Bernie Sanders

Is it time for Hillary to drop out of the race and support Sanders?


Mitch "the bitch" McConnell; Majority leader, Grand Obstructionist Party

Merrick Garland

SCOTUS, POTUS and the Bloated Corrode-Us

While the president tries to do his job and ensure the Supreme Court does its job, the Senate Republicans shirk their jobs, and may, as a result, risk their own jobs. A strong Super Tuesday Two for...

dems vs reps

Authoritarianism On Display Pt 1


As we showed in our analysis of the Clinton/Obama primary fight in 2008, in our book, as well as in analysis of election data from 2010 and 2012, what distinguishes Democratic from Republican voters...


Upside Downtrodden - episode 134


EPISODE 134 TOPIC: ANARCHY EPISODE 134 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - ANARCHISTNEWS.ORG, WORDS TO LIVE BY EPISODE 134 GUEST: SETH KING We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made...

Bernie Sanders

Is it time for Bernie Sanders to drop out and endorse Hillary Clinton?

94% (19270 votes)
6% (1182 votes)
Now Sure
0% (58 votes)
Total votes: 20510
Supreme Court Nominee Pick Merrick Garland

Putting this in Terms even Republicans could Understand..I order this Pizza and wait and wait !

In response to the pick of the Supreme Court Nominee, see it this way. There is a manager down at the Pizza Place. The Manager was hired overwhelmingly and trained thoroughly. There is an opening for...

hillary clinton

The Next Phase Begins

Although 2016 is turning out to be the most depressing political year since the uber debacle of 1968, we might at least console ourselves with this fact: It certainly hasn't been boring - that's...


How Hope and Change Became It's OK


Barack Obama won a Presidency on Hope and Change. The Republicans gave us 8 years of utterly outrageous obstruction. Many Democrats folded like a house of cards in a gale. The apparent winner of the...

Rio Summer Games

An Olympic Sized Disaster: The Many Ways The Rio Summer Games Can Go Wrong


There are few things in this world as reassuring and satisfying as the moment when, after shuffling through the crowded corridors of a stadium concourse, you catch your first glimpse of baseball...

Trump Voter

Not Understanding the Trump Voter


So I’m listening to the results tonight from MSNBC, and they just had the usual round table discussion about the Trump voter. And the cast of usual propagandists was trying to define what what drives...

The Politicus Podcast Episode 1

The Politicus Podcast Episode 1

Good evening or should I say good morning! Today is an exciting day. We are launching our first political podcast ever!!! YAY!!!! for us..... This podcast is very timely, it takes a look at the...


Trump in the toilet


Mr. Natural is bummed in 2016!

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton sweeps all the states today. Is it time for the Democrats to consolidate around her?

55% (113 votes)
43% (88 votes)
Not Sure
3% (6 votes)
Total votes: 207
donald trump

Why??? I don't understand. When did Rod Serling start writing the playbook of Life in the USA?

Why is any African American voting Trump? Why would any woman vote Trump? Why would any member of the Gay and Lesbian communtiy vote Trump? Why would any so called Christian vote Trump? Why would any...

Angry trump supporters

An Open Letter To Angry Trump Supporters


Dear Angry Trump Supporter: I get it. For the better part of forty years I've felt an anxiety similar to what you're experiencing now. Our anger isn't that different; it's connected to our shared...

hillary and bernie

The Non-Bogus Math Concerning The Path to the Nomination

Today a diarist posted about "The Math" that supposedly shows that has no path to the nomination. For a diary claiming to talk about the math, there was strangely little math actually...


Gop lemmings for Trump

Donald Trump

The GOP Goes Feral


The 2016 campaign season is just ghastly now, isn’t it? Heated rhetoric based on lies and stupidity has escalated now to assault, as journalists and protesters get roughed up, punched, and then...

donald trump

Trump has taken a leaf out the European Extreme Right's Playbook

Mix hatred and with a good dose of fear and then pretend the result has nothing to do with you. His recent rhetoric is from the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen and not that of his daughter Marine...