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Bárðarbunga: Ice Cauldrons Ring The Caldera

People have been asking me for a long time for pictures of the caldera. They see the graphs of the great levels of subsidence and often expect to see a giant bowl.


Best Places to get Published


Scott Walker's Palinesque word salad meltdown on Medicaid

This has to be seen to be believed!


Australia Imposes Hard Travel Ban On West Africa

The race among right wing politicians to see who gets the trophy for being hard nosed on ebola has gone global.


Human Trafficking In Tech Industry

The H1B visa program that allows US employers to import foreign skilled workers on a temporary basis has long been the center of considerable controversy. Its stated purpose is to provide workers with specific skills that can't be recruited from the American workforce.


Po folks have little left except one huge thing !


Should medical workers who come into contact with Ebola patients in West Africa be placed under a mandatory quarantine for 21-days when they return to the U.S.?

59% (13 votes)
27% (6 votes)
Not Sure
13% (3 votes)
Total votes: 22

CDC Issues New Guidelines For Returning Health Care Workers

After a weekend of political theater over the issue of appropriate practices for health care workers to follow on their return from Africa, the CDC has come out with new guidelines on what these should be.


This is Going to Hurt: Tax Exempt Status of Wi Club for Growth Challenged


UPDATED: US Military Returning From Liberia Placed In Isolation

While the Obama administration has opposed mandatory quarantine for symptom free health care workers, the Dept of Defense is taking a more conservative course with returning military personnel.


Christie Cave On Quarantine: Obama Prevails

Chris Christie managed to bully his way through the bridge scandal but the optics of a healthy nurse being held prisoner in a tent in cold weather finally proved too much for him.


Remember This? VOTE.. Vote..GOTV

When you have Alec, Big Money, Kochs, Crooks and Bushes.....it affects the whole country Not just Florida.  


Bárðarbunga: Pollution Levels In Höfn Blow Away Records; Plus, A Seismic Tour Of The Caldera

Let's recap our SO2-level readings.


Cuomo Caves On Quarantine!

Andrew Cuomo seems to have gotten nervous about the bad press his neighbor Christie is getting for holding a healthy nurse prisoner and decided that the political wind might be blowing in the direction of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.


Obama Pushes Back On Quarantine Politics

On Friday it was being speculated that the Obama administration might follow in the foot steps of New York, New Jersey, Florida and Illinois in imposing mandatory quarantines on returning health care workers.


Realizing What's Actually Wrong in American Politics


Ebola Epidemic Continues To Rage Out Of Control In Africa

The American public is taking its customary self centered approach in dealing with the threat of the ebola epidemic.


Policing the Police - A "How To" By An Expert, Detective Frank Serpico

Fully-automatic weapons and armored vehicles used on unarmed protesters in Ferguson, MO., and the questions which remain about Michael Brown's death are both enormous and numerous.


The Clintons Are Running For President: Against Barack Obama

I am still trying to figure out how the man who has won two presidential elections by a fairly comfortable margin has all of a sudden become a political pariah in his own party.

MSM & alternative media agree on one thing this election year. Polling changes do little to change ideological intransigence. Fox News declared McConnell the winner of the debate in Kentucky last Monday night, while the dailykos.com focused on his weaknesses.

The Kentucky Senate Race Is On Fire!

By, Jays Jewels


Bárðarbunga: Mist Back In Reykjavík, Mass Evacuations Near Cerro Negro, Unrest in Japan

Busy times.


New York and New Jersey Impose Mandatory Quarantines For Travelers

The governors of New York and New Jersey have decided not to wait on the deliberations of the Obama administration and are using their authority to declare mandatory quarantines.


Political News and Views! The Choice is yours!


Federal Government Considering Quarantine For Health Workers Returning From West Africa

By now almost everybody knows that a new case of ebola infection has appeared in New York. The patient is Dr. Craig Spencer who was a volunteer in Guinea for MSF treating ebola patients.


Clinton and Warren Attempt To Prop Up Another sinking Coakley Campaign

People may recall the political disaster of Martha Coakley's campaign to fill Teddy Kennedy's senate seat.


Rick Scott skips depo today in California to attend Fundraiser..Contempt anyone?

WHAT?   Deposition?   I am Rick Scott !  I don't do depositions.


Iraq and ISIS: Are the RW "Experts" condemned to eternal ignorance ???

Who, what, where, when, how and why ??? Do they ever get it right?



 “Alabama District 3, the 2014 Election for U.S. Congress”

J.T. Smith is the (D) Challenger . . . To Incumbent (R) Congressman Mike Rogers


Illinois Wasting Millions on Another Coal-to-Gas Pork Project

The state of Illinois is throwing millions of taxpayer dollars at another coal-to-gas plant just two years after a similar project ended in failure.