Kentucky Politics

Some Good Political News Out of Kentucky


A miracle happened in Kentucky. Democrats won three out of four state house seats in a special election tonight, so Democrats remain in control of the state house (53-47). This means that Tea Party...

Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders wins the Michigan primary, is Hillary Clinton in real trouble?

85% (561 votes)
8% (55 votes)
Not Sure
6% (41 votes)
Total votes: 657
Tea Party

How We Helped Create the Mess we are in by Doing Nothing Or Too Little too Late.


This may turn out to be a meta diary. I hope not. I call things as I see them and I see things as I am about to outline. We got a screwed up life or death election this time around. I asked myself,...


GOP race descends into the sewer

Donald Trump's racist rhetoric

The Violent Majority stands with Trump

I looked and I could not find any signs that says this…. I suggest when people go to a Trump rally to protest… Have some of those signs made up. I came up with it as I squinted trying to figure out...

Donald Trump

There’s No Such Thing As A Mild Mob: Putting Trump’s Followers In Context


Warning: Some of the details of the historical events discussed below are by their nature extremely disturbing. If, for any reason, you feel as if reading about racially-motivated lynchings would...

Democrats can retake the senate

What are the chances the Democrats can retake the senate in 2016?

Bernie Sanders

How many states did Bernie Sanders win?

Feb 9 New Hampshire · 24 delegates Sanders won and has 15 delegates, Clinton has 9 Mar 1 (Super Tuesday) Sanders won and has 38 delegates, Clinton has 28 Georgia · 102 delegates Minnesota · 77...

ted cruz or trump

Evil Trumping Evil. We cannot trade Fascism for American Taliban..People of sanity..Vote Democrat

We have heard a lot about Trump. We actually have learned most of the evil of Trump from Trump himself. Ted Cruz? OMG… This man is totally crazy. I can speak on this matter rather intelligently.....


Preliminary KY Republican Caucus Results


I really don’t know why it is taking so long for the results to come in. The caucus was over at 4 P.M. I suspect what happened is that there is a definite lack of organization and manpower for the...

Apple vs. FBI

Should Apple be forced to provide an iPhone backdoor so the FBI can access the phone data belonging to the San Bernardino attackers?

political poll

Why you should create a political poll on The Politicus


There's a few places that allow the creation of political poll , with instant results. But most platforms don't allow you share your poll easily with other social networks; Twitter and Facebook comes...

Donald Trump

As a Liberal / Progressive, are you rooting for Donald Trump to win the Republican nomination?

Bernie Sanders

If Bernie Sanders loses 4 out of the next 6 primaries, should he dropout of the race and endorse Hillary Clinton or keep fighting until the convention?

Fight until the convention
60% (3108 votes)
Dropout and endorse Hillary Clinton
39% (2026 votes)
Not Sure
1% (28 votes)
Total votes: 5162

I'm An Independent: So I'll Take The Advice Given by Kos

I won’t get involved in the Democratic Party Primary and I’ll keep out of their way during the bullshit storm that should end in November.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Gaming Out How the GOP Should Handle the SCOTUS Opening

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has dramatically altered the political landscape and has set the country up for yet another high profile showdown between the parties as each...

Bernie Sanders with Black Voters

Acceptable Blacks Bernie Sanders And Race

"Up North they don't care how big I get, as long as I don't get too close. Down South they don't care how close I get as long as I don't get too big". “In the North, the issue is mainly proximity. In...

Trump vs. GOP

Has the GOP effectively given up on the Presidency in order to save the Senate in 2016?


GOP nightmare

super tuesday

Making America Hole Again

The Uber Tuesday Hangover I'll be brief this morning.... No one paying attention was too surprised by the final outcome, I'm sure. The only thing that stunned me was the fact that Ted Cruz did as...

Chris Christie

There Is a Word For Men Like Chris Christie in Prison

I don’t think I can recall, at least off hand, of a politician who humiliated himself so thoroughly and publicly as Chris Christie did tonight. What comes to mind is Boris Yeltsin making Gorbachev...

Turmp holding NH Union Leader

The Comic Genius of the NH Union Leader

I needed something to laugh about recently, and in comes the NH Union Leader to save the day. The idiot who owns the NH Union leader and endorsed Chris Christie for president, Joseph McQuaid ,...


Trump channells the past

hillary clinton 2008

Here's What You Should Remember from 2008


Past is prologue, we’re told, along with the need to remember the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes. All true and worth noting. I’ve been experiencing a whole lot of deja vu lately in the...

marco rubio

Liberals Pulling For Marco Rubio...Oh Please!!!!

I won’t say where I heard about this silliness. Frankly, I do not believe it is true. But there is “talk” that some liberal Democrats are thinking about registering as Republicans and voting for...

Donald Trump

Have you seen Trump's theme song? From Mad TV 1997

I do not know whether to laugh or cry but this was prophetic !!!! Is this where they got their talking points?????? A joke back then...now we hear it from the republican frontrunner Stump… Scary as...


GOP heads into the Twilight Zone on Super Tuesday!

Donald Trump Mad

Go Ahead Trump....YOU KNOW you want to use the N word.This is America's shame !!!!!!!!


Even Joe Smo Scarborough has asked him to leave the race. The racists are rabid about Trump. Big Man. If this asshole cannot stand up to the KKK, then we better run for the hills when it comes to...

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday Eve

It was a telling moment, probably a historic one: Lindsey Graham, conservative Republican - was up there on the rostrum, television cameras grinding away (or whatever noise it is that television...

Bernie Sanders

How many States will Bernie Sanders win on Super Tuesday?

38% (103 votes)
18% (50 votes)
16% (45 votes)
15% (40 votes)
13% (36 votes)
Total votes: 274