Bernie Sanders in 2016

"Finally, let's understand that when we stand together, we will always win. When men and women stand together for justice, we win. When black, white and Hispanic people stand together for justice, we win." Bernie Sanders Look! Up in the...More

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Mike Huckabee: I wish I pretended to be transgender to shower with girls

Mike Huckabee quipped earlier this year that he wished someone would have told him he could have “felt like a woman” in high school so that he could have showered with members of the opposite sex. See Video below and...More

FIFA: The Lunacy Continues


If you haven't been following this fiasco in corporate corruption you have been missinhg a fine show. Now this is fun: No one brought more shame on FIFA than its president Sepp Blatter and he should step aside for a...More

Rand reveals he cuts his own hair. Surprised?

KY-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Rand Paul's (R) Pro-Extinction Bill

Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action: Republicans in Congress have a problem. They badly want to get rid of the Endangered Species Act, one of the most successful conservation laws we have for protecting endangered wildlife from going extinct...More

Why #UniteBlue is #WearingOrange


By Khary Penebaker @KharyP June 2nd would have been Hadiya Pendleton’s 18th birthday, but she won’t be able to enjoy it with her friends and family because she was shot and killed in 2013. Like the other more than 30,000...More

Central Command (CENTCOM) before they knew Ramadi had fallen to ISIS


Ramadi fell to ISIS in a battle that ran from early May 14th through into the 15th. Americans from the Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter down to talk radio meth heads blamed the Iraqi soldiers: "I hope they develop the...More

When Fools Flood Florida.. Head Fool in Charge


Well, I think we will be smelling some terrible stink coming up the I-4 Corridor and all around Fantasyland come, Tuesday, June 2. The Gainesville Sun and others seem to think Rick Scott's summit, featuring the Clown car passengers as...More

PA-Sen: Uncovering Pat Toomey's (R) Newsletter, 5/29/15 Edition


Received this e-mail today from Joe Sestak's (D. PA) U.S. Senate campaign: Sen. Toomey says one thing in Pennsylvania, and then does another with his votes in Washington, D.C. Let's take a look. On the left, below, we have what...More

CIRA Useful and quite catchy


The corporate/investor rights agreement , much better and far more precise than TPP, TTIP. Nothing to do with fair Nothing to do with trade Just more money for the same people with extra sprinkles. It is also infinitely flexible, no...More

Does the below Dr. Seuss cartoon impact how you feel about the children's book author?


The 1929 color illustration for "Judge" magazine depicts a blatantly racist scenario and uses a slur to describe black people. It's being auctioned for a minimum bid of $20,000 . See Full Cartoon below:More

Upside Downtrodden - episode 115


EPISODE 115 TOPIC: EQUALITY EPISODE 115 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - NEWECONOMYWORKINGGROUP.ORG, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and enslave society. Let Scott Mullin and...More

CENTCOM watched 30 ISIS truck bombs roll on Ramadi and did nothing. May 14th? A bloodbath


See evil. This goes to May 14th when the U.S. military does surveillance and gets all the proper details: how many truck bombs, how many ISIS fighters came in, how many guns. How the attacks formed up. Then they did...More

CENTCOM watched. ISIS truck bomb convoys rolled on Ramadi. No interdiction. No warning given.

Not one message was sent to the Ramadi police or the Baghdad government or their military as the ISIS attack groups headed down the road into Ramadi on May 14th.

Dear Rand Paul: Not Only Does The Brand "Suck"


Everything your party believes in Sucks. Rand Paul Matthews later said he appreciated Paul's "millennial" observation that current Republican Party "sucks." "No, no!" Paul said, smiling. "I said our brand sucks." They only plan that the GOP has is to...More

It seems like a week can’t go by without a famous Republican getting exposed for his past crimes.


It was another sex scandal that led to Hastert's improbable rise to become House speaker. He was plucked from a junior GOP leadership position in December 1998 after Republicans ousted former Speaker Newt Gingrich following a poor midterm election showing...More

Fund Raising GOP Style: Only One Answer Matters On Our Multi-page Questionnaire


Not that political party fund raising ever stops (just ask any member of the Democratic Party to show you their email inbox some time), but it's interesting to see the level of creativity the GOP conjures when asking for funds...More

The Sepp Blatter Saga: Best Utter Nonsense Competition Winner Of The Day


It's all the fault of the US btw On Friday, Blatter defied critics and his opponents within Fifa to secure a fifth term at the helm, and vowed to fix things. He said: “Starting tomorrow … I’m being held accountable...More

If Only Bernie Would Do Some Crazy Sh1t..

You know rather than speaking logically and truthfully to the average American Why cant he just stand up and get some nut-case conspiracy all of his own, then the MSM would know just what to do. Why cant he just...More

Does George Pataki have a chance to be his party nominee for President of the United States?

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Abbott doesn't believe in global warming and he doesn't like the Federal Guv but he is still appealing for aid

Abbott doesn't believe in global warming and he doesn't like the Federal Guv but he is still appealing for aid

WI-Sen: Ron Johnson (R) Says The Lego Movie Is Part Of A Propaganda Campaign Against Business Owners


Some more lunacy from the most vulnerable Tea Party U.S. Senator: A concerted propaganda effort underway in America has created a "cultural attitude" in which people believe "government is good and business is bad," Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.) told...More

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