Obama SOTU speech once again rekindles GOP charges of "Class Warfare!"


PA-Sen: PPP Shows A Very Competitive Race Here


Sestak vs. Toomey Round 2 PPP just released their first Pennsylvania U.S. Senate poll today and it looks like we have a real race here: http://www.publicpolicypolling.com/... PPP's first poll of the 2016 Pennsylvania Senate race finds it picking up pretty...More


KY-Sen: CREDO Action Goes After Rand Paul's (R) Attacks On Social Security Disability Benefits


Received this e-mail today from CREDO Action regarding Tea Party U.S. Senator and possible Presidential candidate, Rand Paul's (R. KY) attacks on Social Security disability benefits: Unbelievable. Senator Rand Paul just launched an ugly attack on Social Security and on...More


Guns on campus? Yes Florida again !


As I sit here, well propped here actually, as I recover from extensive oral surgery in a state full of republicans that does not like healthcare or expansion of medicaid or even anything that remotely resembles life preservers ( except...More


War Machine on Sales for $1,000,000


When Elon Musk said AI was more dangerous then a Nuclar Weapon people laughed Now we have the precuser to that happening. Please meet KURATAS. You can buy this weapon/Toy on Amazon for 1,000,000.More


How Well Do You Know The State of the Union?

Over the last 200 years the State of the Union has seen some signifcant changes. Take this quiz and see how much you know.More
Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney thinking about running again. Says this time he will care about the poor.


How Well Do You Know Ted Cruz?

Ted Cruz in 2012 became the first Cuban-American senator from Texas. Think you're a pro when it comes to this potential presidential prospect? Take our quiz to find out.More

How well do you know Mitch McConnell?

Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell always makes a big splash as the upper chamber’s minority leader. From virtually toasting Obama, to campaigning against celebrities, to fending off political attacks against his wife, the veteran politician has held a firm grip on...More

Birch Society Republicans: America's Third Major Political Party Holds a Plurality in the 2015 House


We are looking at two measurable political fractures. This diary addresses one of them: a two-piece breakage in the Republican Party. This split is readily apparent in the House of Representatives. It stems from Bircher infiltration of the national GOP...More


How well do you know Rand Paul’s policies?

Take this quiz and see if you can identify when Paul held each of the following positions.More

Can Democrats Capitalize on GOP Extremism?


Political parties are not just collections of like-minded folk or the embodiment of the issue platforms they purportedly stand on. They are also, in the final analysis, a business. And like all business enterprises, they are out to make a...More


How SCOTUS Could Saw Marriage Equality In Half

With the announcement that SCOTUS is finally going to deal with all of the growing pile of appellate rulings on marriage equality there is an anticipation of victory among gay rights advocates and our friends. Many people are assuming that...More


Do you know Rand Paul?

Sen. Rand Paul is a regular headline-maker, known for his outspoken libertarian views. How well do you know the Kentucky GOP senator?More

Do you know Jeb Bush’s family?

There is at least one thing standing between Jeb Bush and a possible run for the White House in 2016: his family. So how well do you know Jeb’s wife and kids?More

How well do you know Bill Maher?

Bill Maher has made a name for himself as a sharp-witted liberal comic who speaks his — often controversial — mind as the host of HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher.” On Friday, Maher took on back-to-back live shows in...More

Governor Rauner's Environment & Energy Adviser Represents Illinois' Worst Polluters


One of Bruce Rauner's first appointments as Governor is a troubling sign for citizens hoping he'll protect the public and environment from toxic pollutants. Rauner's new Policy Adviser for Environment & Energy is Alec Messina, previously Executive Director and registered...More


Crackdown On Terrorism Across Western Europe


One of the things that became apparent in the attack on the staff of Charlie Hebdo was that the Kouachi brothers who were the key figures in the incident had been identified by intelligence authorities as potential terrorists and tracked...More


Upside Downtrodden - episode 106


EPISODE 106 TOPIC: INDIGENOUS POPULATIONS EPISODE 106 SEGMENTS: JUSTWORTHY CAUSE - CULTURALSURVIVAL.ORG, NEW YEAR'S REVOLUTIONS, WORDS TO LIVE BY We live in a world of make-believe, institutionalized by man-made systems of control which seek to disparage, undermine, and enslave society...More


Google Produces Hand Held Tower of Babal


The Tower of Babel is the myth in the Book of Genesis that deals with the world's confusing hodgepodge of languages visited upon humanity by god as punishment for their wicked ways. Language differences have certainly caused many trials and...More


CA-Sen: Courage Campaign & DFA Want To Know Who You Think The Dem Nominee Should Be


So yesterday I posted about Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) endorsing Attorney General Kamala Harris (D. CA) in the race to succeed retiring Senator Barbara Boxer (D. CA). The response was mostly positive but some of my readers felt it...More


Humans Are Destroying The Planet


In the last few years the debate about climate change has consumed most of the focus of environmental attention to the exclusion of other issues. Major new studies place that in perspective. Climate change is not the only threat to...More


Looking Left and Right: The New Mantra


Several months ago, in another of his excellent efforts, Terrance Heath examined recent legislative efforts by certain increasingly-reprehensible factions of the Republican Party to make innocent victims and/or already-suffering members of our national community suffer just a bit more. If,...More


Paid Sick Leave - Because The World Needs A Break


In Washington, the GOP pursues a sick agenda: pushing pipelines, attacking abortion rights, undermining healthcare, fighting immigration reform and championing corporate cronies and big banks. Republican Presidential must be ill with brain fever: Jeb talks of inequality and Mitt focuses...More


What Does Charlie Hebdo Mean For Us?


 The free press and the right to report, dissent or satirize without fear of criminal prosecution is often confused with the right to do so without facing the consequences of those actions. Terrorists aren't constrained by the law. I...More

William Howard Taft

Queen City Conservatives: How The Tafts Can Teach The GOP To Be Functional Again

There’s an old saying–often attributed erroneously to Mark Twain–€”that has it that when the world ends, a man should want to be in Cincinnati because it’s always 20 years behind the times. As a resident of the Queen City(1) for...More


Have we become more politically correct as a nation?


Mike Huckabee, self appointed moral arbiter, doesn't approve of Obama's kids watching Beyonce videos


Free Speech Absolutist: Oh Really?


We often see people on Daily Kos and elsewhere describing their position as being a free speech absolutist. They assert that they oppose any and all restrictions on the freedom of expression as a matter of civil right. I would...More


CA-Sen: Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) Goes All In For Kamala Harris (D)


Received this e-mail today from Senator Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) in support of Attorney General Kamala Harris' (D. CA) U.S. Senate campaign: Barbara Boxer has been my friend and mentor in the United States Senate, and I’m very sorry that...More