Rio Summer Games

An Olympic Sized Disaster: The Many Ways The Rio Summer Games Can Go Wrong


There are few things in this world as reassuring and satisfying as the moment when, after shuffling through the crowded corridors of a stadium concourse, you catch your first glimpse of baseball...

Trump Voter

Not Understanding the Trump Voter


So I’m listening to the results tonight from MSNBC, and they just had the usual round table discussion about the Trump voter. And the cast of usual propagandists was trying to define what what drives...

The Politicus Podcast Episode 1

The Politicus Podcast Episode 1

Good evening or should I say good morning! Today is an exciting day. We are launching our first political podcast ever!!! YAY!!!! for us..... This podcast is very timely, it takes a look at the...


Trump in the toilet


Mr. Natural is bummed in 2016!

Hillary Clinton

If Hillary Clinton sweeps all the states today. Is it time for the Democrats to consolidate around her?

55% (113 votes)
43% (88 votes)
Not Sure
3% (6 votes)
Total votes: 207
donald trump

Why??? I don't understand. When did Rod Serling start writing the playbook of Life in the USA?

Why is any African American voting Trump? Why would any woman vote Trump? Why would any member of the Gay and Lesbian communtiy vote Trump? Why would any so called Christian vote Trump? Why would any...

Angry trump supporters

An Open Letter To Angry Trump Supporters


Dear Angry Trump Supporter: I get it. For the better part of forty years I've felt an anxiety similar to what you're experiencing now. Our anger isn't that different; it's connected to our shared...

hillary and bernie

The Non-Bogus Math Concerning The Path to the Nomination

Today a diarist posted about "The Math" that supposedly shows that has no path to the nomination. For a diary claiming to talk about the math, there was strangely little math actually...


Gop lemmings for Trump

Donald Trump

The GOP Goes Feral


The 2016 campaign season is just ghastly now, isn’t it? Heated rhetoric based on lies and stupidity has escalated now to assault, as journalists and protesters get roughed up, punched, and then...

donald trump

Trump has taken a leaf out the European Extreme Right's Playbook

Mix hatred and with a good dose of fear and then pretend the result has nothing to do with you. His recent rhetoric is from the Front National of Jean-Marie Le Pen and not that of his daughter Marine...

Tevfik Arif with donald trump

Why is this not news? Donald Trump pal Tevfik Arif busted in Turkey for Sexscapades

Wow… Old news forgotten? Why is the media not all over Trump this? They did not hesitate to go after President Obama in the primary with Rev. Wright or Palin’s stupid Palling around with terrorist...

Hillary Clinton

It could be a really strange election

Two more polarizing candidates would be hard to find, Hillary should win a run off judging by the graphs above. However, it would also appear to be a turnout killer. Why turn out for someone you...


Top Comments: Mein Drumpf Edition

You gotta love John Oliver. While the entire show is brilliant, the “Drumpf" part set up starts 18 minutes in and really gets going at 19 minutes. Yes, the make Donald Drumpf again has been so wildly...


Trump: "Violence at my events is not my fault!"

ronald reagan

The Reagan Legacy. They say if you cant speak well of the dead you should remain silent.



Donald Trump

Donald! Donald! Uber Alles!

A couple of years ago on this site I noted that in fifty years time (a microsecond in terms of human history) white people would no longer be the ruling majority in this country. My prediction was...

Trump Chicago Event

Trump and Chicago: Of Course This Was Intentional!


Except for one pundit — Rachel Maddow, several of the commentators on MSNBC have been tiptoeing around whether Trump was deliberate in provoking the violence in Chicago tonight. The closest that...

Ted Cruz

Cruz is another problem...Blaming the President for racial divide.

I wanted to hit the TV.. He needs protesting too. Peaceful protest... He could not resist saying the President started this division in the country. Rachel is not reporting that much about the...

Hillary Clinton

If you had to choose Hillary Clinton's political leaning, would you call her a Liberal, Progressive or Centrist?

Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton

No Seriously. Elizabeth Warren will be Hillary Clinton Running Mate

's major flaw in the Democratic Primary, above all others, is the fact she is a Centrist. is not a true liberal or progressive. Sure, she holds lots of liberal...

 Democratic Party

The 2016 Presidential Primaries: Servants Vs. Bullies

The Party of Us, as the Democratic Party efforts to be, had another intelligent and professional debate last night on Univision with CNN. The candidates are getting intense, reiterating their visions...

republican debate

Primaries. Not a Secondary Concern.

The Republicans wanted to focus on the general, on taking on Clinton and taking down Obama’s legacy, but instead have been taken for a wild ride on a primary challenge that has trumped all others...

rick scott

Let's talk EMAILS and scandal but REAL Corruption !


Rick Scott ! What a sleaze and embarrasement. The latest headlines are all about Florida. We have to get out the vote because this jerk is on the short list for VP for Trump. Mika cut him off the air...


Partisanship: The Bottom Line


We may view ourselves as belonging to certain groups with what we perceive to be clear boundaries and conditions for inclusion. But in the end, we each share an arguably common set of political and...

Bernie vs. Hillary

The state of the Democratic race by the numbers. Bernie vs. Hillary

As most of you know, had a big victory on Tuesday, March 8th. He won Michigan when no one thought he could. So, did that change the race? Nope. is still in the delegate...

hillary clinton

Creative ways to help Clinton broaden her geographic support base

This will be short. I’ve been getting some complaints from the Clinton side that Bernie supporters are insulting southern Democrats by saying that Clinton mainly just winning states that the...


Pied Piper of TV Reality Show-Zombie Land


Feeling the Bern in Michigan