2022 A World Cup Bathed In Blood


No sporting event is worth 1 death let alone over 4000 to date Qatar has the highest ratio of migrant workers to domestic population in the world: more than 90% of the workforce are immigrants and...Read more


If a Presidential candidate was a Transformer who would he/she be and why?


In Defense of Black Lives Part II


A few months ago a toddler found a gun under a pillow and shot himself in the head. A few weeks later, on the same block a police officer shot and fatally wounded 18-year-old Mansur Ball Bey. Irony...Read more


What Else Did You Expect? If You think That The US Has An Extreme Right Problem, So Does France.


When the left reacts the same way as the extreme right it is the extreme right that gains She has made political capital from the fact that Hollande’s response to the attacks included hardline...Read more


Upside Downtrodden - episode 127




Immoral Morality, Hyper Hypocrisy, and America's Denial of Domestic Terrorism


Australian philosopher and Princeton professor Peter Singer developed a thought experiment in which he asked people if they would jump into a swimming pool to save a drowning child if it meant...Read more


Untrending Gun Violence


I don't understand gun violence. I will never comprehend how someone decides to prove valiance or status or skill by pointing a gun at someone. Nothing good comes to mind when I think of these...Read more


The State of the GOP Race


With only two months remaining until the first votes are cast there are a few prominent scenarios on the table for how the GOP primary will play out. It is still early enough where the dust has not...Read more

Donald Trump

What Price Donald?

It wasn't supposed to come to this. And yet, this is the price that "the party of Abraham Lincoln" is paying for its three-decades-plus courtship of a class of people that had...Read more


Dear Republicans Words Do Effing Matter. I Do Blame You.


I am tired of this, you have a stage, you have air time, you have a certain air of respectability, then all you do with that is preach hate supported by lies. Hatred of the poor and homeless Hatred...Read more


Are You A Journalist, Advocate Or A Propagandist?


A journalist is a person who collects, writes, or distributes news or other current information . A journalist's work is called journalism . A journalist can work with general issues or...Read more


Islamophobia Has Offically Come to America (Video)


A line of religious intolerance can be directly drawn from the Republican Presidential candidates who have contributed to the toxic environment we currently find ourselves. (function(d, s, id) { var...Read more


US Home Grown Terrorists


Oh, but it is a second fucking amendment right. Then we have the front page story on planned parenthood Or this one Police were put on alert after Ritzheimer posted a threatening video online on Nov...Read more


George Osborne’s BBC Muse


In a change to his usual programming, the George Osborne used Wednesday’s Autumn spending review to announce additional funding for the BBC World Service. This would have come as a surprise to...Read more


MSF Kunduz: Update: So Where is this 3000 Page Report? Bombing works?


What we have at the moment "This was a tragic mistake. U.S. forces would never intentionally strike a hospital or other protected facilities," U.S. Army Gen. John Campbell, the commander of...Read more


MSF Kunduz: Is The US Military Really That Clueless? Bloody Hell Fire.


http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-34925237 The report catalogues a perfect storm of errors, at every level of the operation. The most extraordinary admission was that military personnel failed to...Read more


Tell Those Republican Turkeys To Get Stuffed


As many of us prepare for Thanksgiving meals, too many politicians are acting like turkeys giving shame and fear instead of thanks, and denying refugee families reasons to be thankful. Forgetting...Read more


This Diary Has Nothing To Do With Bernie Nor Hillary

Neither Bernie Sanders nor Hillary Clinton have any relevance to the subject of this diary. Their policies have no bearing on where this diary might lead.


Russian Warplane Shot Down By Turkey


Who could have predicted Nato-member Turkey has shot down a Russian warplane in the first time the alliance and Moscow have come to blows directly over the crisis in Syria. Ankara and Moscow gave...Read more


Your “Tradition” Is My Pain: How Race-Based Mascots Inflict Real Harm On Native Americans


Let me ask you a question. When was the last time you saw a thoroughly modern Native American in a film or a TV show? Now, I’m not asking the last time you saw a contemporary film or TV show...Read more


Europe Held Hostage By Literally Dozens!


State of Emergency, whole cities locked down and heavily armed police at every turn. Then we have aircraft carriers and billions of dollars worth of hardware turned against one tiny state. We have...Read more


Community Conversation: Media coverage of the Syrian Civil War after the Paris attacks (Google Plus Hangout 6pm EST)


This conversation will center around the parallels of the current media coverage of the Syrian conflict and the lead up coverage of the Iraq war 12-13 years ago. Did the media learn their lesson? If...Read more


(Video) Marco Rubio compares Islam to Nazism and gets away with it

I've seen this video a few times, but for some reason the media hasn't held Marco Rubio accountable for his offensive and immoral comments. Don't forget this man is a sitting U.S. Senator...Read more


Bracing for the Nightmare


America is sorrow-bound. This is a train that I plan on missing. You'd better believe it, Bubba. This is probably the easiest call I've ever made. If you're silly enough to believe that...Read more


NYT Editorial Board: The Price Of Fear


Rationality is slowly returning But no less a challenge for the civilized world is the danger of self-inflicted injury. In the reaction and overreaction to terrorism comes the risk that society will...Read more


The Call Of The Chickenhawk Reverberates Once Again


Proposing carnage abroad, no over-reaction too violent. Yet at home running around spreading fear and loathing as they go, ready to disseminate distrust at every turn. No measure is too extreme,...Read more


CNN Announces Criteria For Next GOP Presidential Debate

CNN announces 10 ways to get onto the main stage for the next clown car challenge. 1] Say 4 different outrageously racist things in any given 24h period. 2] Accept invitations from 3 separate groups...Read more


Obama Confronts Ted Cruz


A simple question

In all our actions in the Middle East from war and occupation to the supply of arms and money, has anyone bothered to ask. What do their peoples want? We have been very good at telling them what they...Read more


The French Connection


A series of attacks in Paris and Beirut, and other actions by the Daesh extremists, have resonated around the world, connecting us in shock, outrage, and morning. For many Americans, "France...Read more