Trump Ally Alex Jones Wonders If Carrie Fisher Was Murdered

Radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones reacted to the death of Carrie Fisher today by wondering if the late actress was actually murdered by people trying to make money off of her recently released...Read more

Michael Savage: Trump Saved White Children From Slavery

On an episode of his radio program posted online yesterday, Michael Savage declared that Donald Trump’s election has relieved his concerns about his future and the future of the country. No longer,...Read more

Jimmy Carter Makes STUNNING Anouncement; Trump, Ivanka & Jared FUMING

Since he left office decades ago, former president Jimmy Carter had made it his life’s mission to better the world around him and he’s certainly done wonderful things since he left office. One of his...Read more

Far-Right Family Research Council Ready For Trump To Carry Its Agenda

Thrilled by Donald Trump’s election, the Family Research Council has laid out an ambitious agenda for the president-elect. The Religious Right group wants Trump to appoint far-right justices to the...Read more

Obama Official: ‘Corrupt’ Trump Is Lucky The GOP Controls Congress

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump referred to Hillary Clinton as “crooked” during his rallies and on Twitter. Trump is good at projection. The president-elect is inundated with scandals even...Read more

Keep watching North Carolina. And activate and mobilize now!

Let’s face it, North Carolina is a hot mess. It’s been a political quagmire for a while now, but what went on last week was utter bullshit. First the GOP legislature kneecapped incoming Democratic...Read more

Trump Caught In Another Scandal, This Is Really Why He Was Forced To Close His Foundation (VIDEO)

Donald Trump ran the general election campaign by calling Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton “Crooked Hillary.” He pumped lies into his fevered base, and accused Hillary of every crime under the sun...Read more

As Boxing Day comes to an end

I look back and realize it has not been a totally unproductive day. FYI — Boxing Day My wife spent some time in England, first as a child when her father was on a Fulbright (I believe in Cambridge),...Read more

Trump Attacks United Nations In BLISTERING Twitter Rant, Obama DISGUSTED (TWEET)

Not even 24 hours after Christmas Day had ended, President-elect Donald Trump was back at it again on Twitter, this time attacking President Barack Obama and the United Nations. While Trump has...Read more

The Trump-GOP split is real.

I’ve noticed a common thread lately, in both some of my diaries as well as diaries from other Kossacks. Whenever we talk about or even hint at a possible rift between Trump and the “establishment”...Read more

Netanyahu Hands Trump Dirt On Obama As Retaliation For UN Vote, Encourages Him To Leak It

Perhaps the two most vindictive people on the planet, Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu, are now said to be actively conspiring against America’s current president – and in effect against the...Read more

Republican Tells Employers To Ignore Law, Colludes To Pay Workers Lower Than Minimum Wage

Recently, Maine’s controversial Republican Governor Paul LePage declared war on working families, calling for business owners to ignore provisions of a popular voter-approved minimum wage increase...Read more

Nuclear Experts Revolt, Give Startling Warning About Future Trump Administration

Donald Trump’s Twitter account is dangerous. His recent tweet about wanting to “greatly strengthen and expand” the “nuclear capability” of the United States was reckless. Trump doesn’t think before...Read more

This Christmas Greeting From President Obama Reminds Us Just Why We’ll Miss Him So Much (IMAGE)

President Obama’s second term is coming to an end, but he’s still President of the United States until noon on January 20,2017. Throughout all the obstruction and racism, this president and his...Read more

Trump’s #1 Adviser Busted In Partnership With Company Convicted Of Russian Espionage (DETAILS)

It now appears that President-elect Donald Trump’s controversial national security adviser may have much more nefarious Russian ties than anyone else in Trump’s future administration. A Bloomberg...Read more

Teen Vogue Writer Destroys Fox Anchor’s Trump B.S. More Than Any ‘Serious’ Journalist Could (VIDEO)

On Friday, Fox News ‘ Tucker Carlson faced off with Teen Vogue writer Lauren Duca over Ivanka Trump, as well as other stories Duca has written. Unfortunately for Carlson, the debate proved almost as...Read more

Joe Biden Finally Speaks Out On Why Hillary Lost; Every Democrat Should Heed This Message

When former reality television star Donald Trump won the election, almost no one saw it coming (except for Vladimir Putin). As the majority of Americans are still mourning and wondering just how an...Read more

Another Year Over

I'm really not in too much of the Christmas spirit this year for obvious reasons (none of which I need to go into here, I'm sure). Christmas has been permanently ruined for me, I suppose, and it's...Read more

Trump’s Staff Just Fu**ed Up, Post EMBARRASSING anti-Trump Tweet, Here It Is (TWEET)

Donald Trump may think he’ll be able to follow President Barack Obama’s legacy and serve two terms, but a quick look through social media shows that his team might think differently. Yesterday, the...Read more

Obama Viciously Attacked By Trump & Israeli PM; His Response Is PERFECT

President-elect Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu lost their minds and went on the attack against President Obama after he ordered diplomats at the United Nations to abstain...Read more

Samantha Bee And Glenn Beck Met Up To Discuss Their Differences, The Result Was Unexpected! (VIDEO)

In case you missed it, Donald Trump was officially elected president by members of the Electoral College on Monday. With this news hanging over her, Samantha Bee decided that it would behoove her to...Read more

Trump Official Attacks Michelle Obama, Calls Her A Man Who Should Live With African Apes

Trump’s surrogates are nothing short of disgusting, and recently, Carl Paladino — Buffalo politician and former co-chair of Donald Trump’s New York campaign — went on a tangent like no other. When...Read more

Trump’s Inaugural Ball Posts Band Line Up – It’s So Bad That Nobody Can Stop Laughing

Trump has reportedly fired several of the people in charge of finding him “A-list” talent to perform at his inauguration after they failed to deliver even a single viable star and the transition team...Read more

BREAKING: Trump Condemns Obama, Threatens Entire World In INSANE Twitter Rant, Here’s Why

President-elect Donald Trump is already making threats against the entire world and he’s not even president yet. He’s also telling President Obama how to do his job in one of the strangest moments...Read more

Rand Paul Takes A Moment To Air His Annual Festivus Grievances And It’s PERFECT! (TWEETS)

We all have a lot of grievances with the upcoming administration, and Rand Paul let loose on Twitter with his today! Hello again, I hope everyone is having a Happy Festivus! It’s once again time for...Read more

Good news for the Virginia special elections. "The Nation" is mobilizing!

We’re on the right track here. Recently, several diarists such as MYSELF and Kim Drew Wright have begun posting diaries getting everybody ramped up for the upcoming special elections in Virginia on...Read more

The Rockettes Are ‘Embarrassed And Disappointed’ To Be Forced To Perform At Trump’s Inauguration

Trump adviser Boris Epshteyn confirmed to CNN on Thursday that The Radio City Rockettes were set to perform at the inauguration. They did so in 2001 and 2005. The Rockettes are a wonderful group who...Read more

Senate Democrats deliver Trump his Christmas lump of coal.

Just in time to go along with his Christmas eggnog the Democrats have served up a nice “bah-humbug” pie for Trump to put under his tree. According to a REPORT on politicususa.com the 16 ranking...Read more

Alec Baldwin Offers To Perform For Trump At Inauguration, And It’s HILARIOUS (TWEET)

With performer after performer wanting absolutely nothing to do with Donald Trump’s inauguration, one person is stepping up to the task. That person — Alec Baldwin. Baldwin tweeted out: “I wanna...Read more

Putin Chastises Democrats Over Treatment Of Comrade Trump In Blatant F*** Y** To Democracy

While Republicans are trying to block an investigation into Russia influencing the U.S. presidential election in order for Donald Trump to win, they appear to have a foreign ally telling us to just...Read more