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Top Comments: New Jaguar Cubs Edition


NV-Sen: Legalized Marijuana Is On The Ballot In 2016 & That Could Be Good News For Harry Reid (D)

Now here's something that could be very beneficial for soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D. NV) re-election prospects in 2016:


Could Polling Places Go Out Of Existence?

It is possible that in the not too distant future this picture could become


MT-Gov: Steve Bullock (D) Pushes For Medicaid Expansion In New Budget Proposal


SD-Sen: Thune (R) Won't Dismiss Talk Of Shutdown Over Immigration

Put your money where your mouth is:


KIA al-Baghdadi: How'd you like them 15 minutes of fame, Big Guy ???

In the Age of Twit here's ISIS: “I can report to the Muslims that Amir Al-Momineen Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Hafid hu'allah is alive and well.”

That pretty much lets you know he's dead.


The Cult Of The Confederacy And Its Racism Refuses To Die


Upside Downtrodden - Episode 102



al-Baghdadi: How'd you like them 15 minutes of fame, Big Guy ???

Uh, yeah.

In the Age of Twit here's ISIS: “I can report to the Muslims that Amir Al-Momineen Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Hafid hu'allah is alive and well.”


Jon Stewart's "Rosewater" movie premiere, after-premiere discussion. InAntalya's 255 prison days


Power Crazed Wi GOP Leader Threatens Funding Because President Wasn't Disrespected

Crazy cat upside down

PA-Sen: DSCC Chairman Tester, Make Progressives Happy, Back Joe Sestak's (D) Campaign Now


Do you think America is ready for a woman President and Vice President serving at the same time?


DC Court Of Appeals Rules In Favor Of Obamacare Contraceptive Mandate

The issues that were involved in the Hobby Lobby SCOTUS decision are still chruning along. The original ACA law as passed provided some explicit exemptions to religious organizations per se for the mandate to provide contraceptive coverage.


IL-Sen: Tammy Duckworth (D) Expresses Interest In Running Against Mark Kirk (R) In 2016


We got to see Jon Stewart's "Rosewater" movie last night

Helluva premier. Spread out over 200, maybe 250 theaters across the country. "Rosewater" tells the story of Maziar Bahari, an Iranian working for Newsweek who was arrested in Iran while covering the 2009 elections.


The #FBI tried to kill Martin Luther King, Jr


There Is Not Going To Be A Purge Of The Democratic Party

The US has had a two party political system through out its history. The core constituencies for those parties have shifted over time. The Republican and Democratic coalitions that existed in the 1930s were considerably different from what we see today.


OH-Sen: NOM Hell-Bent On Defeating Rob Portman (R)

Maybe this will make Senator Rob Portman (R. OH) re-think that whole Presidential run:


LA & NV-Sen: Mary Landrieu (D) Stabs Harry Reid (D) In The Back


MT-Sen: Jon Tester (D) Named The New DSCC Chairman

I like this:


Fight or Flight to Face the Right?

After the midterm elections, many wondered
whether losses would neutralize the President.
But this week he wasn’t neutral on Net Neutrality,
calling for the FCC to protect a free and open internet.


Looking Left and Right: Unsettling Truths

Nowadays the members of one tribe (calling themselves liberals, progressives, and Democrats) hold sharply different views and values than


Veterans Day: Bah Humbug

When it comes to Veterans Day tributes call me Scrooge.


Voter Supression And State Legislatures: Democrats Miss The Boat


NV-Sen: Dean Heller (R) Is Already Pushing Brian Sandoval (R) To Run Against Harry Reid (D) In 2016


Thank President Obama for historic action to curb climate change pollution

From The Sierra Club : http://www.sierraclub.org/


Scott Walker Aide One Step Closer to Prison in John Doe Case


November is Native American Heritage Month

What started at the turn of the century as an effort to gain a day of recognition for the significant contributions the first Americans made to the establishment and growth of the U.S., has resulted in a whole month being designated for that purpose.