Multiple Leaks: Trump Threatened ABC, NBC and CNN In Bizarre Secret Meeting

Trump has already threatened to open up libel laws so he can sue the media for telling Americans how dangerous he’d be. But like with most of Trump’s bizarre election comments many people are hoping...Read more

IT’S REALLY THIS BAD: Holocaust Museum Issues Statement Condemning Trump Supporters

If you think it’s not normal to live in a country where supporters of the President-elect get together to yell “heil Trump,” question if Jews are people, and practically masturbate over the thought...Read more

Religiously I am a Quaker

but as that would not have mattered in the Third Reich, it does not matter now. My name is Bernstein. When once I was asked to change it for business reasons even though I did not then identify as...Read more

Trump Team Accidentally Leaks Plans For Muslim Registry And Interrogations

On Monday morning in Bedminster, New Jersey, Kris Kobach met with Donald Trump in one of a series of meetings meant to put together the Trump administration. Kobach is said to be in the running for...Read more

It Will Cost New York City Taxpayers More Than $365 Million A Year To Protect Trump’s Golden Tower

With Melania Trump and son Barron deciding to stay in Trump Tower , the cost for protecting the President-elect won’t likely drop once he moves into the White House. According to three city officials...Read more

Trump Already Used His Office To Do Favors For His Business In Argentina

Donald Trump and the businesses he runs overseas have been the subject of scrutiny since the election, and even before, as the office of President of the United States offers a unique position of...Read more

Alt-Right Celebrate Donald Trump’s Win With Hitler Salutes As He Brings Alt-Right Propagandist Into White House

Over the weekend, activists with the anti-Semitic and racist Alt-Right movement celebrated Donald Trump’s election at a Washington, D.C., summit that included rants against Jews and Hitler salutes...Read more

Right Wing Round Up – 11/21/16

Jason Mittell and Chuck Tryon @ Vox: America’s fake news problem predates Facebook. Stephen Piggott @ HateWatch: Jeff Sessions: Champion of Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Extremists. Casey Michel @...Read more

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 11/21/16

Ben Carson says he endorsed Donald Trump—who once compared him to a pedophile—because of Trump’s “good heart.” Wayne Allyn Root laughably refers to Trump as “our first Jewish president” as anti-...Read more

Operation Rescue Hopes AG Jeff Sessions Will Go After Planned Parenthood

The extremist anti-abortion group Operation Rescue is applauding President-elect Donald Trump’s announcement that he will nominate Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama to be attorney general, writing in a...Read more

Be careful what you wish for Speaker Ryan. A Medicare history lesson.

Those of you who know me know that I love reminding all and sundry that I’m an old fart. You can be nasty and sarky and people have to be nice to you because everybody is taught to respect their...Read more

Curt Schilling Gripes About Liberal ‘Wussified’ ‘Ebonics,’ Defends Use Of Torture

Major League Baseball pitcher turned conservative talk radio host and potential Massachusetts Republican Senate candidate Curt Schilling recently launched an online radio program through Breitbart,...Read more

Jerry Falwell Jr. Confident Of Position In Trump Administration

Among the officials and activists meeting with Donald Trump last week as he worked on picking his Cabinet members was Jerry Falwell Jr., the son of televangelist and Moral Majority founder Jerry...Read more

NY Cops Forced To Form A Special Unit Just To Deal With Trump-Related Hate Crimes

The Southern Poverty Law Center is keeping track of the number of hateful harassment incidents since election day, which is now listed at 701 cases . Due to what’s called an “explosion” of hate...Read more

Never Trumper Steve Deace Thrilled By Pick Of ‘Culture Warrior’ Jeff Sessions

Iowa talk radio host and Religious Right activist Steve Deace was an early and ardent adherent to the Never Trump movement, going so far as to renounce his Republican Party registration when Donald...Read more

Police Just Attacked Native American Protesters With Tear Gas And Ice Water In Freezing Temperatures

The standoff in North Dakota between the Dakota Access pipeline and the Standing Rock Sioux, who have been joined by a long list of other tribes, took another shocking turn on Sunday night. The...Read more

‘Make America Great Again’ Sign Features Moment Before White Racists Beat Black People Bloody

This is what Trump supporters believe when they hear Donald Trump’s campaign slogan. White nationalists and white supremacists are celebrating Trump’s election because they are hoping he will take...Read more

Trump Will Write Off $25 Million Fraud Settlement On His Taxes

Donald Trump is screwing over American taxpayers again. Last week, Trump agreed to settle the lawsuits against Trump University for $25 million, essentially admitting he committed fraud and that he...Read more

Falling out of context

Perhaps the most startling thing about the rise of Trump is how out of context he seems to be. He was a celebrity for celebrity’s sake, like the Kardashians. There was no there there. You know? But...Read more

Fox Host STUNS With On-Air MELTDOWN Over Hamilton’s Statement To Mike Pence (VIDEO)

Donald Trump and his supporters are doing everything they can to distract from the fact that Trump has just agreed to pay a $25 million settlement for his numerous fraud lawsuits – and they’re doing...Read more

A true tale from my past in computers that might be of interest

offered to provide some general context. Draw whatever conclusions you want from this. I worked for a large corporation, doing about 400 million a year in retail sales in the period 1969-1971. We...Read more

Trump Fan Interrupts ‘Hamilton’ And The Cast Didn’t Even Bother To Break Character

President-elect Donald Trump has repeatedly attacked the cast and producers of the musical Hamilton after actor Brandon Victor Dixon’s respectful message about love and diversity to Mike Pence who...Read more

Melania Trump Hires ‘Revenge’ Attorney To Target Media For Stories She Disagrees With

It turns out that Melania Trump is just as petty and obsessed with revenge as her husband. In an apparent effort to kill the First Amendment and silence the press, Melania Trump has hired an attorney...Read more

Alec Baldwin RIPS Trump After He Whines About ‘Equal time’ On SNL (TWEETS)

Isn’t Donald Trump preparing to run the country in a couple of months? You’d think he had all the time in the world on his hands, with the way he’s been ranting on Twitter this weekend. First, the...Read more

On being "very rude"

By now the incident at November 18th’s performance of “Hamilton” has gone viral, including the tweets in response by our President-elect, including this one (which has since been deleted): x The...Read more

Trump Already Violated His Fake ‘Blind Trust’ By Meeting With Business Partners

If the past couple of weeks are any indication of how the next four years with Trump in the White House are going to go, then we are in a lot more trouble than originally anticipated. Earlier in the...Read more

Alec Baldwin Returns To SNL To Hilariously Introduce Us To Trump’s Nightmarish Presidency (VIDEO)

Donald Trump’s presidency is going to be a four-year, neverending shriek of terror the likes of which we have never seen and may never see again — but Alec Baldwin returned to Saturday...Read more

Poor Trump Had To Settle Trump U. Case Because Being President Takes Too Much Time (TWEETS)

Donald Trump looked like a deer in headlights on Election Night and for the days that followed his unexpected win. Along with his new found responsibilities as the leader of the free world, he has...Read more

Watch for a White House-Paul Ryan showdown.

I recently posted a DIARY on Washington dysfunction in which I opined that House Speaker Paul Ryan could take his “Unified Republican government” and stick it up his ass. It’s beginning to look like...Read more

Trump Whines That The ‘Hamilton’ Cast Was Mean To Pence, Gets CRUSHED By Aaron Burr

To Donald Trump, the worst thing that has ever happened (forget that whole Lincoln assassination thing) in a theater occurred last night when vice-president elect Mike Pence was booed by a theater...Read more