CT-Gov: Dems Plan To Ask For Longer Voting Hours In Conn. Amid Polling Problems

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, center and wife Cathy, left, check in to vote, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Hartford, Conn.</body></html>

Wisconsin Polls Are Open and BUSY!

Get thee to thine polling place


Schisms and Civil Wars

Want to know why modern conservatism has become such an incoherent cacophony of inconsistencies, hypocrisies and imbecilities? Just read the New York Times editorial page.


2014 Midterm Elections Predictions/picks


MA-Gov: Gov. Deval Patrick (D), "I feel like kicking a little Republican ass!"

11/07/06: Deval Patrick poses for a picture with Marlene Honore following his gubernatorial win at Hynes Convention Center.</body></html>

WI-Gov: Koch Brothers Spend Big To Dupe Voters By Propping Up Pro-Weed Libertarian Candidate

The lengths the Koch Brothers will go:


MI-Gov: Here's Proof That Democrats Learned Their Lesson From 2010


PA-Gov: On Tuesday, Both Tom Corbett (R) & Tom Wolf (D) Will Make History


I'm Praying for a Miracle

But it seems that all the prognosticators are predicting that McConnell will win reelection tomorrow.  There have been a bunch of recent polls that show a swing to McConnell.


Are you tired of all the political ads today?

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AK-Sen: Daily Caller Freaks Out About Mark Begich (D) Leading Dan Sullivan (R) In Early Voting


Not-Bárðarbunga: Politics Isn't A Bunch of Puffins and Happy Elves

We're going to take a little bit of a break from Bárðarbunga and Hraun-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named tonight. Over on your side of the pond, you're all getting ready for the good fight in midterm battles.


CO-Sen: Watch Cory Gardner (R) Rant Against "Radical Environmentalists"

Here's another example of Tea Party Rep. Cory Gardner's (R. CO) extremism:


GA, IA, KS, NC & NH-Sen: Final Solo PPP Polls Show Toss Ups All Around


You have the power to be Mr. Smith for a day

There was an American hero in these United States and his name was James Stewart.
James Stewart was an actor, yes but he was also a retired military man who was promoted to General before his death.  He served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.


CO-Gov: Quinnipac Also Shows A Tight Race Between Hickenlooper (D) & Beauprez (R)


CO & IA-Sen: Ashley Judd Teams Up With PCCC To Help GOTV For Udall (D) & Braley (D)

Received this e-mail today from Ashley Judd on behalf of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee:


MN-Sen: Al Franken (D) Teams Up With MoveOn.org To Help Out With GOTV To Save The Senate

Democratic U.S. Sen.</body></html>

GA, KS, NC & NH-Sen: PPP/Center For American Progress Show Tight Races In GA, KS, NC & NH


The People Who Don't Vote

The last minute polling and calculations that attempt to predict the results of tomorrows election are dealing with the people who will vote.


IA-Sen: PPP/Center For American Progress Poll Shows Dead Heat Between Braley (D) & Ernst (R)


CT-Gov: Quinnipac Has Malloy (D) Leading Foley (R) 47-44

Some more encouraging news:



CO-Sen: Quinnipac Now Shows A Tighter Race Between Udall (D) & Gardner (R)

Senator Mark Udall (D. CO)

It's Quinnipac so take it for what's it worth but still:


"Duce the Toad" Christie Locks $800 Million in Sandy $$$. Combo of Class War & Supersize Pay-To-Play

This is the $800 million in Sandy money that Jim Keady protested out at Belmont last week. It's the RREM program, set up in part to benefit working poor whose houses were trashed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.


Listen To EMU Regent Jim Stapleton Reveal The Origin of the Education Achievement Authority


AK-Gov/Sen & CO-Gov/Sen: PPP's Final Poll Shows Tight Races & One Leaning Towards The GOP

Alaska Democratic Senate candidate Mark Begich talks to campaign workers, Suzanne Little (left) and &nbsp;Schawna Thoma, who tally rep</body></html>

PA-Gov: Need To Find Your Polling Place? The Wolf (D) Campaign Has You Covered

Received this e-mail today from Tom Wolf's (D. PA) gubernatorial campaign:


FL, IL & MI-Gov: PPP's Final Poll Shows Toss Ups In FL, IL & MI

Gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer (D. MI)

PPP's final poll on the Governor races in Florida, Illinois and Michigan. First Florida:


GA-Sen: Watch Perdue (R) Blatantly Lie About Oursourcing Jobs In Final Debate With Nunn (D)

Received this e-mail today from Michelle Nunn's (D. GA) campaign:


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