Pro-Trump Super PAC Teams Up With Birther For 'Super Trump' Time Square Billboard

A super PAC supporting Donald Trump’s candidacy, headed up by his longtime friend Roger Stone, is teaming up with a notorious anti-Obama conspiracy theorist to erect a digital billboard in Times...Read more


Keith Olbermann RETURNS To Put The Final Nails In The Coffin Of Trump’s Campaign (VIDEO)


One thing that any liberal can pretty much agree on is, we miss Keith Olbermann. His time was cut short on MSNBC, and even on ESPN, simply because he spoke the truth and wasn’t shy about criticizing...Read more


Top 10 political words/phrases I hate the most


Most of, if not all of the below political words/phrases have totally lost their meaning and have become empty words used by the media and politicians alike. #10. Limited Government : A right wing...Read more


Michele Bachmann: Vote Trump Or Lose America To Totalitarianism And Socialist Immigrants

In a Friday interview with Virginia-based radio host Rob Schilling, former Minnesota Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann expanded on her recent comments that if Donald Trump loses in November, it will...Read more


Steve King: Colin Kaepernick Is Helping ISIS


In an interview today on Newsmax, Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, denied that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick has a constitutional right to refuse to stand for the National Anthem, even...Read more


Rep. Ted Yoho Boasts Of Personally Stopping A Boat Of Cuban Refugees From Reaching America


In an August 25 town hall meeting in Melrose, Florida, Rep. Ted Yoho boasted that he had recently personally prevented a boat of Cuban refugees from reaching land in the U.S. The Florida Republican...Read more


Steve Quayle: Maybe A 'Made-up Epidemic' Will Postpone The Election


Last week, End Times prophets Jim Bakker and Steve Quayle discussed the upcoming presidential election, which Quayle warned may never even take place because of a deliberate effort to crash the...Read more


Trump’s Incredibly Stupid Statement Sends Morning Joe Into A Frenzy Of Insults And Laughter (VIDEO)


We’ve all been following Donald Trump’s rise to power among the ranks of the deplorably ignorant in America. We all know how he got there. He got there by pandering to the primal instincts of...Read more


Radical Anti-Choice Activist Troy Newman Endorses Trump, Citing His 'Commitments' To The Movement


Troy Newman, the anti-choice activist behind Operation Rescue and the Center for Medical Progress, formally endorsed Donald Trump for president today, writing that “[n]o other GOP ticket in history...Read more


Walid Shoebat: Hillary Clinton's Pneumonia Is Really A Sign Of Demonic Possession


Walid Shoebat, the extremist right-wing activist behind the bogus smear of Khizr Khan, is out with a new post explaining what is "really" behind Hillary Clinton 's recent bout of pneumonia: demon...Read more


Todd Starnes: Liberals 'Hate America' And Obama Doesn't Like Us


Fox News outrage machine Todd Starnes used his signature brand of skewed reporting last week to claim that innocuous comments that President Obama recently made to a group of students in Laos mean...Read more


Bryan Fischer: Obama Is Giving Away The Internet Because He Hates America


During his radio broadcast yesterday , American Family Radio's Bryan Fischer excoriated President Obama for supposedly giving the internet away to the United Nations because he hates America. As with...Read more


Matt Barber: US In Greater Trouble Than Before The Civil War, Thanks To 'Ancient Pagan Sexuality'


Matt Barber, an anti-gay pundit and Liberty University law professor, attended last weekend’s Values Voter Summit, which he told Virginia-based radio host Rob Schilling felt “like an island of reason...Read more


Conservative Twitter Outreach To Women Goes HILARIOUSLY Wrong (TWEETS)


#ShesConservative SHATTERS Stereotypes…With Pictures Of Pretty, Young White Women (TWEETS)


Rep. Trent Franks: If Clinton Is Elected, 'The Constitution Is Lost'


Rep. Trent Franks, Republican of Arizona, had a dire message for American voters this weekend, declaring in an interview with Breitbart News’ radio program that if Hillary Clinton is elected...Read more


Theodore Shoebat: 'Pamela Geller Is Worthy Of Death' For Associating With Gays


Last week, extremist right-wing activist Theodore Shoebat posted a video in which he called for anti-Islam activist Pamela Geller to be put to death for associating with "faggots" and "sodomites" at...Read more


Family Research Council: Vote For Trump & GOP To Put 'Religious Freedom' Above 'Sexual Unrestraint'


As this weekend’s Values Voter Summit got underway, Jerry Boykin, the executive vice president of the summit’s sponsor, the Family Research Council, said that he hoped the event would help...Read more


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Trump Fans In One Perfect Image


When Hillary Clinton spoke at the LGBT for Hillary Gala in New York City Friday night, she said only “half” of Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables.” Clinton said that half of Trump’...Read more


Notable Only In Its Absence: Third Party Presidential Candidates Nonexistent HIV Policies


In a presidential election characterized by dissatisfaction with the status quo, why are third party candidates silent on HIV? ——– What is the victory of a third party candidate in a presidential...Read more


One Of Trump’s Deplorables Just Started Slapping, Punching Protesters (VIDEO)


Donald Trump is demanding that Hillary Clinton apologize for the remarks she made on Friday while speaking at the LGBT for Hillary Gala in New York City. Most of us know she was spot on, however, she...Read more


Should Hillary Clinton have apologized for her 'Deplorables' comment?


David Duke Warns If Hillary Is Elected Black Men Will Rise Up, Kidnap White Women From Walmart And Rape Them


Welp, Donald Trump’s favorite white supremacist is in the news again and this time he is warning America about the possibility of white genocide and lots of Walmart kidnappings if Hillary Clinton is...Read more


Conservatives Came Up With A Plan To Stop The Next 9-11 That’s So Dumb I Almost Peed Myself (MEMES)


So…this actually happened. On Sunday, September 11th, 2016, conservatives we now have the pleasure of calling “deplorables,” “basket people” and “weavers” officially posted the dumbest thing the...Read more


Right Wing Round-Up - 9/12/16


PFAW : Edit Memo: The Disastrous Consequences of a Trump Supreme Court. Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches : LGBT Activists Challenge Church Anti-Marriage Efforts; Gov’t in Belize Creates Church-...Read more


Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/12/16


Glenn Beck says that 9/11 was "the morning our nation's childhood died." Right-wing activist Philip Zodhiates is set to go on trial next week for his role in helping "ex-gay" Lisa Miller kidnap her...Read more


Bruce Springsteen Gave Trump A Giant ‘F*ck You’ At His Concert And The Crowd Went Wild (VIDEO)


Bruce Springsteen is “The Boss” and for good reason. He has long written music about social injustices and is a seasoned Democrat. From hits like “Born in the USA,” a song which serves as an...Read more


Pence: Trump Administration Will Begin Fight Against Abortion Rights On Day One


On Saturday, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence told conservative activists at the Values Voter Summit that a Trump-Pence administration would launch its fight against abortion rights “from the first day we...Read more


Michele Bachmann: 'We Are So Blessed' By Trump, Who Will 'Call Out The Haters'


Former Minnesota Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann spoke to “Breitbart News Daily” at the Values Voter Summit this weekend, declaring that America is “so blessed” to have Donald Trump as a...Read more


Anti-Gay, Anti-Catholic, Anti-Mormon Pastor Accuses Hillary Clinton Of 'Hate Speech'


As Brian noted today, Hillary Clinton ’s comments over the weekend about the “deplorables” who support Donald Trump have resulted in some deliciously ironic criticism from Trump and some of his...Read more