Would a Timeout Work in This Election Season?

Would a Timeout Work in This Election Season?


Time for a timeout? Yes, the presidential candidates are not children getting cranky or refusing to share. Yes, they are adults. But recent actions and behavior in the long and uber-crazy primary...

bill o'reilly and donald trump

Can we finally declare once and for all that Bill O’Reilly is a racist after his latest comments?

99 percenters

Sorry you are a peasant..A personal account with the class warfare thing.

I wasn’t going to write a diary on this but decided to. I noticed a diary by OPOL that was political but in reality it is personal to all of we 99 percenters as well. Ignore class warfare at your own...

The Pro-Life Paradox

The Pro-Life Paradox: Can A State’s Views on Abortion Predict The Health Of Its Citizens?


When does a human life begin? At first glance it would seem like, given the myriad advances in science’s understanding of human reproductive biology in modern times, a simple question that should...


Trump coulda been a character on the Sopranos! Bada Bing Bada Bing!

Rick Scott and wife

Rick Scott's wife reads to 5th graders INAPPROPRIATELY saying, SOB, junkies, hookers..Oh my !


Was not a good week for the Scott family in Florida. It is never a good week for the people living under these hypocritical, family valued grifters. Ann Scott reads to fifth graders honoring Literacy...

Sanders Promoted The Crime Bill?

Sanders Promoted The Crime Bill? Not So Fast...


Recently, a big kerfuffle has been made about Sanders’ statements concerning crime during his 2006 senate campaign have been made at this site. I can only wonder, did they actually even read what was...


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This is no pro Bernie or pro Hillary,,, It is just to make as many posts to clear the front page of recent diaries.

Glen Beck Crazy Talk

Cruz, like Moses will lead us out of the Wilderness by God. (according to Beck)

If Planet X doesn’t cause us to crash and burn next week, then we need to make sure this Cruz idealog never gets anywhere near any Nuclear codes. According to Right Wing Watch , Glenn Beck, yes that...

april freeman

It's April in Florida


This week, the featured congressional candidate is April Freeman. Florida has quite a few great democratic candidates for office. We must seize the moment to recognize what talent is appearing on the...

Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland

Iceland Frees Its "Jailed" Bankers


So we all know the meme: Of course, to start with, that quote is fake. And the vast majority of the bankers who caused the crisis got off scott free. And the only ones who were convicted were...

Hillary Clinton Is Uniquely Qualified

Hillary Clinton Is Uniquely Qualified

The real shame of that statement is that it is true, if you agree with her positions and votes over the last quarter of a century. My issue is I have been in opposition to nearly all of them, the...

bernie and hillary debate

On "Must-Win States" and the Democratic Primary

(after enough requests in the comment, I finally decided to blog this) -------------- We hear it often. “((InsertStateHere)) is a must-win state for Bernie!” And lots of variants, such as “Bernie can...

Ted Cruz

Cruz-ing for a Bruising


Donald Trump's campaign was cruising until Ted Cruz and the Republican establishment became the latest speedbump, dealing defeat in the Badger State. Though a string of losses may sting Clinton, she...


Make Earth great again! Send Trump to the Moon!

Election Turn Out

Why Didn't More Democrats Turn Out!


Now luckily for Democrats in general there is a primary at all, because you know, well it was all meant to be so inevitable. “We” have been told time after time any challenger had no chance, “we”...

hillary clinton and bernie sander

If Bernie Sanders wins the New York primary, is Hillary Clinton's campaign over?

78% (1427 votes)
It will lead to an open convention
14% (252 votes)
8% (139 votes)
Total votes: 1818

Bernie Sanders for President

It's interesting: For every jaw-droppingly stupid move our "leaders" have made over the last thirty-plus years, there is a video available of trying to put a stop to it. In fact, they'...


Authoritarianism On Display Pt 4


Can you also sense from these items the energy, the commitment, the submission, and the zeal that authoritarian followers are ready to give to their in-groups, and the satisfaction they would get...

Bernie Wins Wisconsin

We Did It! Bernie Wins Wisconsin!

The momentum continues….. Thank you Bernie Dialers, Bernie Canvassers, and all those millions of small dollar donors. And thank you voters who turned out in massive numbers today. Let’s keep this...

Voter Turnout In Wisconsin

I Can Confirm Massive Voter Turnout In Wisconsin (good news for Dems) + More

Oh boy, is turnout massive in Wisconsin today. It was expected to be, but it seems the numbers are lots more than predicted. Early voting is huge despite the fact that Republicans have been chipping...


How We Feel. I Found This To Be An Accurate Summary


Why we are looking for something else rather than more of the same: ... And yet, I found it hard to be shocked by some of the revelations of the Panama Papers. The revelation that...


Donald has no clothes!

The Panama Papers

The Panama Papers Are Just The Tip Of The Iceberg


How often have we heard about tax havens, how little has been done about them? Tax avoidance is not harmless, it strips our societies of services for the most vulnerable, in fact it kills. The...

The Panama Papers iceland

Helvítis Fokking Fokk! Iceland reacts to the Panama Papers.


Note: This is an abbreviated republish from Caucus99percent, where I originally wrote the article; you can find the full length article with all the pictures, videos, and information here ; I...


Kasich: Please don't throw me in the briar patch!

Hillary Clinton Bring Them to Heel

Is it time for Bernie Sanders to hit Hillary Clinton harder on her poor record supporting minorities?


Chief Wahoo’s Curse: How the Cleveland Indians Went From Breaking Racial Barriers To Just Being Racist

1948 was a pretty amazing year to be a sports fan in Cleveland.

Chief Wahoo

Chief Wahoo’s Curse: How the Cleveland Indians Went From Racial Pioneers To Just Plain Racist


1948 was a pretty amazing year to be a sports fan in Cleveland. The newly formed Cleveland Browns had just rattled off a perfect 14-0 season on their way to a third All-America Football Conference...