Congratulations to Banan Hussein, for her wedding to Badr Raad Mahmoud Nasser

And to the groom and to both extended families.

Banan is the granddaughter of Saddam Hussein, daughter of Raghad Saddam Hussein who was born of Saddam's first wife Sajida Talfah. Wedding dress:


Entitled to Their Own Facts

One of these days, and soon, we are going to have to retire Daniel Patrick Moynihan's famous quip about everyone being entitled to their own opinion, because the truth is most people think they are entitled to their own facts as well.


IL-Sen: Mark Kirk (R) Is Terrified Of Tammy Duckworth (D)


Is This A New Obama I See Before Me?


What will be the GOP's reaction right after Obama's #Immigration Reform speech this eveing


With the right societal incentives would police officers be needed?


Prosecutor McCulloch's Effort To Put The Blame On The Grand Jury


Scott Walker: Proven Liar (again)

Scott Walker, Pinnochio

Mike Nichols, Oscar-Winning Director Of 'The Graduate,' Dies At 83


Looking Left and Right: What’s The Reason?

A few months ago, Bob Cesca offered an interesting article entitled Debunking the Top 10 Most Egregious Republican Lies


Pipelines and Lifelines

Republicans and ConservaDems nearly passed the disastrous Keystone tar-sands pipeline. A pipeline of progressive opposition stopped it for now, but ultimately the Prez’s veto is our only lifeline.


On Further Reflection about The U.S. Senate


Is Racism Propping Up The Neoliberal Plutocracy?


How does Hillary 2016 stack up with Al Gore 2000 ???

Which states does Hillary win in 2016 that Al lost in 2000 ???



The meeting lasted well into the night, with the campus paper Daily Bruin unable to get a report out until after 11:30 PM Tuesday night.

The final vote was 8 For, 2 Against, and 2 Abstentions.

Details and links after the Orange Cloud of Celebration.


Obama's Immigration Action Likely To Be Attacked From Right And Left

It is anticipated that President Obama will announce his long awaited executive action on immigration in an address on Friday afternoon. From the various semi-official leaks that are coming out, a tentative picture of its provisions is emerging.


New Third Party in the Bay State?

The ink wasn't even dry on Governor-elect Charlie Baker's acceptance speech before the Massachusetts Republican was getting political death threats from his party's unreconciled right wing warning of a primary challenge in 2018 should Baker become the Governor he promised to be.


Bill Cosby Talks About Drugging Women in his 1969 Comedy Routine

To be fair, the Spanish Fly bit was apart of many comedians routines until the early 80's. And the allegations that women would become hot and bothered by the dried bodies of these beetles is false. It was just an urban legend. 


Rural Ga..1975...and The Twist

As I think of Ferguson, Mo. I recall an opportunity I had and I dang sure took it and to think how it could escalate today tells me just how backwards we have gone.


Quality And Accuracy As Opposed To Intellectual Laziness


Plan for "Surround and Annihilate" at Mosul announced. Kurds estimate ISIS at 200,000 militiamen

“The true heir to Osama bin Laden (is) ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi... a ruthless battlefield tactician... shrewd strategist...."


NV, CO & WA-Sen: Dem Senate Leaders Pledge Support For Obama Actions On Immigration



Political News and Views!


Top Comments: New Jaguar Cubs Edition


NV-Sen: Legalized Marijuana Is On The Ballot In 2016 & That Could Be Good News For Harry Reid (D)

Now here's something that could be very beneficial for soon-to-be Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's (D. NV) re-election prospects in 2016:


Could Polling Places Go Out Of Existence?

It is possible that in the not too distant future this picture could become


MT-Gov: Steve Bullock (D) Pushes For Medicaid Expansion In New Budget Proposal


SD-Sen: Thune (R) Won't Dismiss Talk Of Shutdown Over Immigration

Put your money where your mouth is:


KIA al-Baghdadi: How'd you like them 15 minutes of fame, Big Guy ???

In the Age of Twit here's ISIS: “I can report to the Muslims that Amir Al-Momineen Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Hafid hu'allah is alive and well.”

That pretty much lets you know he's dead.


The Cult Of The Confederacy And Its Racism Refuses To Die