Feud Between Obama And Senate Democrats Erupts After Defeat


Looking Left and Right: Threat Or Opportunity?

The prospect that one’s empirical arguments will be shown to be false creates the identity-threatening risk for her that she or others will come to form the


Election -- or Ejection?

Voters made it clear: for higher minimum wages,
pro-choice, anti-gun and pro pot legalization --
and they also gave the Republicans a landslide.


KY-Sen: Dem Strategist & MSNBC Guest, "Rand Paul (R) takes more positions than the Kama Sutra."

We didn't defeat McConnell but I'm looking forward to writing more about this clown:



PA-Sen: Ed Rendell (D), "I would love to be a Dem running against an incumbent GOP Senator in 2016"


Southern Illinois asks legislative committee to reject weak fracking rules

Yesterday Illinois was facing an environmental and economic crisis from fracking that was greenwashed by a Democratic Governor who told us regulation can make it safe.


Obamacare May Be Target Of Republican Senate

In the run up to the election there was a lot of talk on Daily Kos about how the Republicans had stopped running against Obamacare. Well it turns out that those who got elected to the Senate last night were.


Democrats need to #OccupyTheNarrative


Artie Lange Racist and Sexist Twitter Rant

What happens when you have a few drinks and too much time on your hands.


Chasing the Redneck Vote Didn't Work for Grimes

Joe Sonka has some initial data on the returns from last night, but his take is that the GOTV effort didn't work.


Once Upon A Time We Were Dinner


AK-Sen: Alaska Senate Race May Not Be Decided Until Next Week


Right Wing Extremists Telling Economic Lies -- Again


Florida Activists are quite this Am because most of us are done.

In case some of you are wondering why Sem Dem and I have not written big articles about our Phoenix rise or how we will fight for political change, it is because we are
really done in so many ways.


Thank You


PA-Sen: The Midterms Are (Almost) Over But The Fight To Unseat Pat Toomey (R) Begins Now


Thank you, #UniteBlue.

Thank you for fighting. Thank you for voting. We know you worked hard, and we expect you feel disappointed. Take a few seconds.

Now shake it off. That’s all you get. We have work to do.


Two Republican Parties


PA-Gov: We Made History Tonight


Some News on KY Senate Race

Not to get our hopes up too high, but the Louisville area is reporting a higher than expected turnout.


GA-Sen: FiveThirtyEight Claims A Runoff Would Be Good For Michelle Nunn's (D) Chances


OR, IA & CO-Sen: Still Time To Make Calls To Help GOTV For Merkley (D), Braley (D) & Udall (D)


ME-Gov: Freak Snowstorm Threatens To Knock Out Climate Change-Denying LePage (R)

A little too ironic, don't you think?



PA-Gov: Tom Wolf (D) Voter In Cumberland County Says Polling Machine Titled For Corbett (R) Instead


CT-Gov: Dems Plan To Ask For Longer Voting Hours In Conn. Amid Polling Problems

Connecticut Gov. Dannel P. Malloy, center and wife Cathy, left, check in to vote, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Hartford, Conn.</body></html>

Wisconsin Polls Are Open and BUSY!

Get thee to thine polling place


Schisms and Civil Wars

Want to know why modern conservatism has become such an incoherent cacophony of inconsistencies, hypocrisies and imbecilities? Just read the New York Times editorial page.


2014 Midterm Elections Predictions/picks


MA-Gov: Gov. Deval Patrick (D), "I feel like kicking a little Republican ass!"

11/07/06: Deval Patrick poses for a picture with Marlene Honore following his gubernatorial win at Hynes Convention Center.</body></html>

WI-Gov: Koch Brothers Spend Big To Dupe Voters By Propping Up Pro-Weed Libertarian Candidate

The lengths the Koch Brothers will go: